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How to Grow Winter Vegetables 
By Charles Dowding
"All about how to come through winter with plenty of vegetables stored and delicious fresh harvests to make, and covering the hungry gap period with advice for growing small plants to survive winter, for eating during April, May and early June, when there can be plenty of growth but little to harvest from spring sowings... The book’s last section covers a wonderful range of tasty salads to grow in winter, especially with a little protection, such as from fleece and cloches."  
~ How To Grow Winter Vegetables, by Charles Dowding


The Accessible Pet, Equine, and Livestock Herbal

By Katherine Drovdahl
"Leafy greens are a breeze to grow and prepare, and these 125 dishes showcase the most commonly used varieties in an irresistible selection of soups, salads, stews, stir-fries, pastas,... There's even a section on beverages - green smoothies and juices have a growing legion of devotees. Leafy greens, including kale, collards, spinach, arugula, mustard greens, Asian greens, and others are considered the most nutritious on the planet and Wild About Greens makes it easy and delicious to incorporate them into daily fare."
~ The Accessible Pet, Equine, and Livestock Herbal by Katherine Drovdahl


God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life
By Ray Comfort
"For decades, the world's most popular gospel message has been drawing the lost by promising God's wonderful plan for their life. But behind the facade of the "wonderful plan" message is the reality of the trials, temptations, and persecution that Jesus promised. How can we reconcile the two? 
In this life-changing book, best-selling author Ray Comfort explores whether this common gospel approach aligns with real life - and with Scripture. The vital biblical principles he reveals will force you to reexamine your ideas about the gospel - and will teach you how to reach unbelievers the way God intended. A must-read for all who care about the lost."
~ God Has A Wonderful Plan for Your Life: They Myth of the Modern Message, by Ray Comfort


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  • Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
    By Barbara Kingsolver
    "The family's year long experience leads them through a season of planting, pulling weeds, expanding their kitchen skills, harvesting their own animals, joining the effort to save heritage crops from extinction, and learning the time-honored rural art of unlading excess zucchini. Barbara Kingsolver's engaging narrative is enriched by husband Steven Hopp's in-depth reports on the science and industry of food, and daughter Camille's youthful perspective on cooking and food culture. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life makes a passionate case for putting the kitchen back at the center of family life, and diversified farms at the center of the American diet."


    On the Bookshelf (recommended)...
    Please note that while I recommend these books, I do not necessarily agree 100% with everything the author states or believes. I've listed these titles because I feel they have some value that makes them worth reading and/or re-reading. Each person should evaluate what they read in light of what the Scriptures state and interpret the author's message through a biblical worldview.

    God & Christian Living:
    One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp

    Simple Living:
    Almost Amish, by Nancy Sleeth

    Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon
    Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, Deborah Madison
    Local Flavors, Deborah Madison
    Simply in Season, A World Community Cookbook
    Wild About Greens, Nava Atlas

    Food & Health:
    What the Bible Says About Healthy Living, by Rex Russell
    The Vintage Remedies Guide to Bread, by Jessie Hawkins

    The Vegetable Gardener's Bible, by Edward C. Smith

    Fruitless Fall, by Rowan Jacobsen
    Confessions of a Bad Beekeeper, by Bill Turnbull

    Goat Husbandry:
    coming soon!

    Keeping Chickens:
    coming soon!

    Homesteading (General):

    Surviving Off Off-Grid, by Michael Bunker

    coming soon!

    coming soon!


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