Monday, May 10, 2010

Food and Faith Challenge: Time

Forgive me for not keeping everyone updated, but the Food and Faith Challenge is still going on over at The Local Cook. Wendy Hammond is blogging her way through all the recipes in Simply in Season, a Mennonite World Community Cookbook celebrating fresh, local foods that can be enjoyed in season (see my bookstore under the "Book" tab). 

Instead of posting my own article here today, I want to encourage you to go over to Wendy's blog and read the article there by guest author, Heather Bixler, a student at Duke Divinity school. She has written a very honest and open piece about "Time" in relation to our Food and Faith. Leave a comment and you might win this vintage apron that is this week's give away, repurposed and lovingly crafted from a 1950's tablecloth! After you've been over there, I hope you'll leave a comment here and tell me your number one cooking challenge in relation to time. Do you forget to thaw something? Is meal planning being overlooked? Perhaps too many activities around dinner time? Let me hear from you!

While you're over at The Local Cook, be sure to read a few past Food and Faith Challenges, especially last week's article by Angi of Powered by Produce. It's absolutely incredible, well documented, and informative. I learned so much about the situation of farm laborers!

On May 15th, I am honored to be Wendy's guest blogger on the topic "Bible and Food". I'll be sure to keep you posted!
Happy eating!


  1. My cooking challenge is preparation. I always space the time and then realize I have 15 minutes to preheat the oven and get the food prepared! I had no idea how to cook when I married. When my husband asked me to boil potatoes I had to ask him to give me instructions!! So cooking has been literally learning-on-the-go for me these past almost four years!

  2. P.S. Another challenge: with regards to cooking with foods that are in season, we have a very short growing season and our climate doesn't allow us to grow things like tomatoes, herbs, etc and cucumbers unless we have a greenhouse. Which is something we can't afford just yet. (Can't even grow our own onions. It's not dry enough. Or sunny enough.)

    Cooking from locally-sourced products (including our own home-grown) basically involves potatoes, carrots, turnip, and then beef, lamb, or chicken. Not much room for creativity.

  3. Hey Amy!
    I pretty much don't have time challenges anymore, as most of my kids have already left home (still have a nearly 21 yo son who continues to hang in there!!!). I remember times tho, when I got too busy with a project or simply forgot to plan, and it was nearing supper time! Standbys like goulosh or chili were always available, as it simply meant quick thawing of 1# ground beef (I always freeze my ground meat as flat as possible in freezer bags to insure a quick thaw if needed!)NOW my problem is I can hardly cook for just 3! I am used to making a huge pot of whatever, and if I do this now, we are eating off it for days! It's difficult for me to cut a recipe in half, but that is what I am working at. And I have all day to do it!

  4. Coffee Catholic, that gardening season WOULD be a challenge! And I thought mine was tough! I have a friend who lived in Alaska for years and grew all her own food alongside some natives and she has been a wealth of information. However, in Alaska, the SUPER long days of summer allowed the plants to literally grow almost 24 hours a day which made up for the short growing season. Having never been to Scotland, I have no clue how long your days are in summer. Have you considered an inexpensive hoop house instead? I can't afford a greenhouse either, but I'm looking into this other homemade option; I just need to be sure our strong winds won't wreck it.

  5. My biggest cooking challenge: clean up. I'm a messy, messy, messy cook. I'm a good cook, having cooked since I was about 8, but when I'm through, there's not a clean dish in sight. Splatters on the ceiling. Sink overflowing. Stains down the front of my clothes. Drips on the floor. It's ugly. Delicious, but ugly.

  6. My biggest cooking challenge - picky eaters. I love to cook. Actually prefer home cooking to restaurants ANY DAY, but my hubby and oldest child are extremely picky. Takes the fun out of it. I tend to cook what they like every other day and what we want the other days so that if they/we can have the day before if desired.
    Also, I work a full time 30 minutes from home and it makes for some long nights by the time dinner and dishes are done and put away. Not enough hours in the day!

  7. Hi, just found you and became a follower!! My biggest challenge with regard to cooking/time is figuring out what to take out of the freezer...In the winter I use the slow cooker and in the summer I grill...With just the 2 of us now, it's hard to get excited about..."what's for dinner"!

  8. Mine used to be preparation-as in no plan and then hurry and think what I can do with what I have. Now I'm making a weekly menu, and extending that out for a month when I can, so that it's on my mind when I get up in the morning. A second challenge is our small space. I know some people do well in even less space, we're just not those people! We have just the one fridge (affluenza anyone?) so the majority of our meat is kept in a freezer at my husban'd shop. That means I have to know today what we're having tomorrow AND the next day so he can take it out of the freezer. Clean up is something I still need to work on. I feel as though if I do the cooking, hubby should clean up, but that may not be right minded. The mess is usually there to confront me the next morning. Ugh!

  9. Amy,
    Here's a link to the hoop house I'm going to try
    Be sure to check out the updates for August 2009 at the bottom of the page and the comments that go with it.

  10. Dianne, thanks for the link to the hoop house!. I've looked at several and the one you sent was by far the easiest to build and yet it looks very durable! I've bookmarked it for my husband to see. (And I saw the updates as well - excellent info).

  11. Amy, I just love your blog! I have discovered so many other helpful resources/blogs through your blog! THANK YOU!!!

    My biggest challenge lately is convincing my husband (who does the grocery shopping) to stop buying all the processed goods and replace them with homemade options which DD and I make. (i.e. breads, bagels, pancakes, hot chocolate.) It's also been a struggle to get him to give up the margarine for butter and vegetable oil for olive/coconut oils. I'm trying to make one change at a time, but his habits are harder to break.

  12. Don't give up! It took my husband years to wake up to the need for whole, living foods. If he changes even one or two things, it's forward progress. Have you read some of the articles under my tab, Begin A Food Journey?


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