Friday, October 26, 2012

Inspiration Friday: Rolling Pins

So... continuing our Inspiration Friday along the lines of baking...

Let's talk rolling pins.

Without a doubt, I do most of my baking in the fall. Any wonder I regularly gain weight at this time of year? I know you get that... it's a natural nesting instinct, right? Cool weather, more time indoors, a high need for coziness...

I don't have a rolling pin collection or anything, but I do have a few different pins... a french rolling pin, a standard pin (where did that one go?), a couple of smaller rolling pins, and a... hmmm... I don't know what to call it. A tortilla pin? Basically it's a 1" dowel rod that I mostly use to beat bags of ice when I'm having a get together. It's seen better days, for sure.


For a while, this smattering of pins has been stashed in a drawer under my baking center, but frankly, it isn't working that well for me. When I designed the house and kitchen 10 years ago, my intent was to have a "baking center" with everything easy to access and several regular baking items hanging, at the ready.

Yeah... that didn't happen. Life. Priorities.

Cozy Little House

Onward and forward...

I'm reworking that space now and looking for the best way to "display" my pins on the side of the cabinet that surrounds the baking space. Whatever did we do before Pinterest?

Do You Love Him Loretta?

Sadie Olive

So, how can one display these humble wooden cylinders of flakey pie crust fame? Let me count the ways...

shesagoodgirl via Junk Market Style
Re-found Objects
Amy Azzarito via Design Sponge

Frog Goes To Market
Savvy City Farmer
Photo Credit Unknown
You know... rolling pins are really other objects in disguise...

Olive Blogs
Harbour Breeze Home
Blue Bird Heaven

Sometimes, it's just fun to see how everyday objects can be beautiful and delight!

Blue Cardinal
Just curious... how do you store your rolling pins?


  1. We have two, both handed down from family, very old ones. We have a special baking drawer that holds everything from rolling pins to cheese cloth, presses,etc. I love the photos, so creative!

  2. OMGosh, Amy! I LOVE this post! I think I have just developed a thing for rolling pins right along with my apron fetish. I want to use the idea for hangin tea towels that you showed. Brilliant!
    Thanks for starting off my weekend with a smile!

  3. Amy,
    I have one wooden rolling pin. It's the only one I have ever had. No colored handles, just plain.
    I keep it in a drawer.
    Uninspired, I know. But I do like rolling pins a lot and displays of them have caught my eye for a long time, so these pictures were a delight.
    BTW, your picture is beautiful. You have a great hairstyle too.

  4. My pins are in a boring drawer! Who knew pins were so lovely! Thanks for the inspiration or should I say, new obsession!;)

  5. How does such a utilitarian object illicit such warm feelings?
    I have three pins: one teflon one that is in the drawer right by where it gets used at least once a week, my grandmother's pin with red handles that has a wooden holder my dad made, and a green-handled one left here in our old farmhouse. I asked my dad for a holder for it, but it doesn't fit. As we still need to redo (!) the walls in this kitchen, I currently have both wooden ones stacked on each other resting on a plate shelf above my sink. They sit next to an framed old Good Housekeeping Magazine cover from 1931 with a picture of a girl rolling out dough.
    But...I have been thinking about turning the one left behind into a towel bar myself after pinning that same picture a few weeks ago. :)

  6. Mine gets stored in a large drawer that also houses canning funnels and lifter, old-fashioned hand crank egg beaters, and other miscellaneous oddly shaped cooking tools. It was my grandmother's. When us grandchildren were allowed to choose things from their home after they went to an assisted living facility, I went straight to the kitchen (surprise, surprise!). It's solid wood and looks as if it's made the hundreds of pies it has:-).

  7. Amazing that people have so many rolling pins. What for? Anyway, I must admit I have three. I have a Polish Ceramic one, a wooden one bought this last summer, and a ? one I bought 17 years ago. Crazy! I use whatever one is closest. I like the pictures you gathered. Some cute ideas there.

  8. Very interesting post. Thanks for sharing. I have my one lonely pin but we are moving into our RV so no room for more but I do love them.

  9. Amy, I love this post! I have been reading your blog for sometime, but this one just required a comment. Kitchen items are something that I love, especially old ones that have history. You can just feel the strength of the women who used it before you. Anyway, I have 2 rolling pins that I use, one was from my husband's grandmother and the other was my mama's. I wanted them out where I could grab them when I needed them, so I went digging in my daddy's out building and found some old iron rake's that were missing their handles and had my husband sand them down and paint them with some black spray paint. They hang on the kitchen wall with my rolling pins sitting on them, within easy reach when I need.

  10. MJs Farm inspired me a few years back with rolling pins and I made this really cute apron rack!

  11. I love rolling pins! I only have one and store it in my cabinet, but I'd love to have a collection and display in a crock or old wooden box.

  12. Thanks for sharing the photos. I like the pins in the crocks and in the winerack. Mine is in a drawer, but I have a broken one that would work great with that towel holder idea.

  13. We share the same affinity for rolling pins. I love them, have a few, but don't have anywhere to display them. Thanks for sharing the wonderful ideas!

  14. I have open shelves in my kitchen so my rolling pin is on display for every one to see! I keep it right in front of my spice rack. Mr. gave it to me on our first Valentine's Day as a married couple. I know, not what most women would want, but I loved it! HAHA!

  15. I have one rolling pin, and it looks EXACTLY like the very top one in your very first picture...the red handle with the rings cut into it, and a lot of the paint worn off. It lives in my biggest baking pan.


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