Monday, November 3, 2014

Wedding Day... The Reception

We are continuing to recap my wedding from earlier this year, mostly in photos taken by Misty Dameron Photography
Now for the detail shots you are all waiting for. My mother is a detail oriented creative Pinterester. All of the lovely touches that made this day unique and special started in the twelve hour drive back from Omaha when she realized we would have two months and three weeks to plan the wedding. She spent late nights hand writing chalkboards and lining up milk crates.
Eric and I are hot chocolate and root beer snobs, so we planned a Hot Cocoa bar with all the mix ins manned by friends who kept an eye on eager younguns running around.

Because we had such a large wedding, we used cupcakes so we wouldn't need to cut cake. These were made by a friend and her daughter. I am still blown away by the generosity and love shown by so many in their gifts of time and resources.

Because I am gluten intolerant no one wanted to risk making me sick on my wedding day, so I baked the cake in advance.  Another friend assembled it and added the finishing touches.

And I smooshed it on his face.

We ended this reception in prayer and we left in a limo to our family dinner reception. 


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