Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blogging Bee #2

Thanks to all who participated in the very first Homestead Revival Blogging Bee! Let's give this another whirl...

Write a post telling something(s) you learned this week that is worth passing on. Grab a button (below) and link back to Homestead Revival. Be sure to come back and add your name to Mr. Linky below.  Then others can find all that good information, too! So pick your favorites and join in the Bee!

Amy's Picks

This week I got a good tip for preventing your chickens from eating their eggs over at Backyard Farming. Marisa suggested an easter egg or golf ball in their nesting boxes. Keep one in there all the time as a reminder for your layers - chickens are the sharpest crayon in the box. But they sure are cute! (I just love them!)

Kate has a wonderful homesteading type of blog called Living The Frugal Life. This week she gave a great tip for painting those bee hive boxes sitting in my garage as well as a video clip from Backwards Beekeepers on how to make starter strips for your bees to build their comb on themselves. I thought this was fabulous! It will really help me when I get down to business with my bees.

Finally, whether you are just starting your food journey or you've been on the path for a while, you'll enjoy Katie's Real Food Face Off at Kitchen Stewardship. The Face Off this week featured Katie herself against Nina Planck, author of Real Food. I just finished Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and I'm starting Nina's book now. You can purchase this through my blog bookstore (see top tab) and read along with me! Perhaps someday I'll have a reading book club on here!

I can't close without giving a high-five to Erin over at Amateur Hour. She's been following Homestead Revival and has made her first successful loaves of bread. Part of the mission of Homestead Revival is to encourage the next generation of homesteaders. It would be great if a few of you would visit her blog and check out the fruits of her labor this week!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm so happy to have found your blog, grabbed your button and I plan on joining in! I'll be back!

  2. Oh my...I think I've found a Blog after my own heart! My husband and I moved to a small farm in rural Kansas last June at the ages of 56 and 57..I guess you could say we are 'late starters' at this game but we are loving every moment of it. Our farm is run down and there's not a building on it that doesn't need something done to it including the house but it's a labor of love. I look forward to looking over your old posts and learing more about this Homsteading life. I hope one day you'll stop by and say hello...I'd love to hear from you. Take care...Maura

  3. Amy, thanks for the link and I'm glad you found that little tip so useful. Is your painting done yet?

    Your new site looks gorgeous, by the way!

  4. Kate, I haven't painted them yet. Life is on hold a bit waiting to hear if the house has sold or not. I might be packing soon rather than painting. Either way, I won't forget your tip and will use it when the time comes!


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