Monday, March 26, 2012

Barn Hop #55

Welcome to the Monday Homestead Barn Hop, where homesteaders meet up from all over the blogosphere to fellowship and share what's going on from their own homestead. Together, we've been learning from each other and encouraging fellow homesteaders so that we might not grow weary in doing good! Thank you to everyone who contributes and makes this community possible!

Also, thanks to everyone who offered to become a Barn Hop hostess! When Kelly stepped down, the three hostesses made the decision to remain as the 3 original hostesses and keep it at that. It would be just too hard to choose another hostess from so many great bloggers!

However... the Barn Hop hostesses would like to recognize you for all the encouragement you give to each other by adding a weekly "Featured Homestead" to the Monday Barn Hop. Jill, Kendra, and I will each select a homesteader to highlight on our blog based on an outstanding post they've written, a great idea everyone needs to see, something we think is worth highlighting, or something that is just plain fun! So be sure to visit all three blogs weekly in order to meet each featured blogger! You never know when it might be you!

This week I chose to highlight fellow homesteader Charissa, from Mad Mad Me! This past week she linked up a delicious remedy for sore throats! And oh, my! The photos alone were enough to make us all wish we were "under the weather" just a wee bit. Seriously, I'm thinking I might neeeeeeed some really soon! And wouldn't this make a perfect cup of hot tea?

Be sure to visit her blog this week and check out her great site! (I would love to have a photography lesson or two from her... plenty of eye candy there for sure!)

And can I just add... SO many great link ups... it's going to be tough to pick one each week!

So most of you probably already know I've spent most of my time out in the garden this week, planting fruit trees and such, but I also planted some cool weather items such as peas, lettuce, radishes, spinach, and some kale (I think!?). I also started my onions indoors (a bit late), along with some beets, broccoli, cabbage, and a few other items. I can hardly wait for this next wave of snow and rain to move on through so I can get back out there!

Join The Barn Hop!
and Amy @ Homestead Revival...

...invite you to link up and share your homesteading adventures!

1. Write a blog post about what's going on at your homestead or a post on something you're learning or an item of interest that will benefit the homesteading community. Be sure to add the red barn button and link back here so others can join in the fun.
2. Come back here and enter your information in the Linky. Please be sure to link to your actual post (click your title and then copy the URL above) and not your home page so those participating later in the week can find your post easily.

3. If you don't have a blog, leave a comment and tell us what's going on at your homestead!

Please Note: As hostesses of the Homestead Barn Hop, please understand that we reserve the right to remove any links that are not family friendly. While this may be subjective, we will err on the side of caution in order to keep our blogs appropriate for all readers. Thank you for your understanding!


  1. Thanks for hosting, as always. I love spending my extra moments all day on Monday perusing through all the great links!

    We've got our lettuce out too and I'm worried that it's actually been so warm. We had a whole week near 80 last week! It's suppose to lighten up this week though. Happy Gardening!

  2. Unlike so many around the country who've enjoyed warm temperatures, we're just coming out of winter here in the Pacific NW and only just this weekend started seed for cool weather vegetables. Thanks so much for hosting! Looking forward to seeing what everyone shares this week. :)


  3. Returned from a wonderful, quick weekend retreat at my SIL's condo in PCB, Florida just in time to do a little more prep in my tiny garden of eatin'. Today, Lord willing, I will finish the last two raised beds and direct sow my squash and cukes. I was blessed to be able to order some millet, soft winter wheat, and yellow dent corn today too! My order for Vital wheat gluten finally arrived (as it is no longer available in my local grocery stores) and I am looking forward to baking my first loaves of homemade bread this week. Saving my pennies for a grain mill--until then, a dear friend has offered to host a "milling party" using her Wondermill. Until next week, God's blessings upon you!

    1. A milling party is a great idea, Teresa! What a good friend to have! Enjoy your bread!

  4. Thank you so much for hosting. I always enjoy visiting your wonderful site:)

  5. This is my second barn hop that I have browsed and once again had a wonderful evening doing so. Lots of good recipes, stories, humor, inspiration, and tips. Thanks to the hosts and bloggers.

  6. Love the Barn Hops. If I were to blog it would be to show case each of the links that I have benefitted from and implemented on our property. But, I don't think that I have that much time! I'm having trouble getting to one link on rainwater collection that I wish I had put in my favorites. Is there a way to have all of the Barn Hops under one button on your site?

    1. Sara, you'll find all the Barn Hops on the right side bar under TOPICS... find the one that says Homestead Barn Hop.
      Hope that helps!

  7. Thank you, Amy. It took a while but I finally found it.


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