Friday, November 2, 2012

Inspiration Friday: Pantry Screen Doors

Sugarpie Farmhouse
I really appreciate how one photo can inspire a whole room design or how a single accent piece can transform a space. Like a screen door on a pantry... it really changes the look of a kitchen. And while it helps to separate spaces (between kitchen and storage), it changes the entire perspective and draws the eye to the mystery beyond the screen.

So despite the fact that it's autumn and cooler temperatures prevail, I'm on the hunt for that special screen door, not for the porch, but for my pantry door.

This Old House via The Kitchn

Fancy or plain, they all appeal to me...

source unknown - link no longer available
Country Living

The Bella Living

This is one of my favorites... it's from the Lettered Cottage and they have a tutorial on switching it out...
Learn How to Transform a Room with a Screen Door

At the moment, I actually have a pocket door on my pantry opening. Perhaps something like this? Maybe we'd actually close it more if it looked this good. However, I have found that pocket doors, handy as they may be, stay open almost 99% of the time due to the traffic coming in and out.

Goodbye City Life
Here's a solution for a mini-pantry; really just an alcove converted.

Country Living via The Kitchn
Okay... let's get down to brass tacks. Here's what I'm REALLY looking for... I think. When I see these, memories flood over me and I swoon a bit...

Round Top Antiques Fair

Victorian Casino Antiques

I'd settle for anything in reasonable condition (willing to do a little work on it) in the right size (or could be trimmed down to 32.5" x 79"), preferably in black or a neutral color (but negotiable), for the right price. I thought I found it last weekend, but the owner of the antique shop was using it for display and wouldn't part with it. {Sigh... I wouldn't have either!}. Besides being EXACTLY the right dimensions, I adored the hardware cloth in the top portion. A little work down below and it would have been perfect!

Do you know how scarce antiques are in California?

Perhaps you have one in storage?


  1. What a great idea! I haven't seen this before, but I love the look. Something else is now on my honey-do list, lol.

  2. come visit TN they are everywhere :)

  3. I love those pictures and what a great idea for a post!

  4. Amy,
    I agree with you about old fashioned screen doors. They are terrific!
    We have 2 of them, but they are both outside doors. The idea of one on the pantry is divine. I have not pantry, but if I did!.......

  5. This idea goes to the top of my list. I love it. I have always been in love with wooden screen doors. I like the sound of them slamming in the summertime. They just say "country" to me. I have a perfect pantry for this. I also have a talented husband who can help me design and build this. Thanks for the idea, Amy!

  6. Hey Amy,
    Unless you are looking for one that is an actual antique I know where you can get these. I saw one in Home Depot just the other day and was trying to figure out how I could convince my man that we needed one. I just looked it up on their website and counted 7 different old style cute screen doors. Go look. Would like to know what you think.

    1. Thanks, Sista! My husband is very handy with woodworking... made all our outdoor screen doors, but he's a bit of a perfectionist and I was hoping for something a wee bit more rustic, if you know what I mean. ;-)

  7. Oh Amy.. I never thought of doing that.. I love it.. We have louvered doors on now painted black but an olde screen door would just be perfect.. Thanks so much for the inspiration.. Probably my husband won't be so thankful.. grin..

  8. Too bad for us who don't have pantries in our kitchen. I use my spare bedroom closet...

  9. I am definitely pinning this post for reference for when we get to 'doing' the pantry. Thank you, I love this idea!

  10. What a brilliant idea! Love the screen door idea~

  11. Oh, I have a tiny galley kitchen and swoon over ample country kitchens with walk-in (or not) pantries! A screen door on it would just put it over the top for me. What a great idea. The images you posted are gorgeous. Happy hunting.

  12. Pleasant surprise... she changed her mind and sold it to me! Post to follow when it's installed! Yahoo!

  13. I love these old screen doors. We just put one on the front door of our old farmhouse. Nothing like the sound from it closing!

  14. i really like the blue screen doors on the 2nd image

  15. Here in North GA you can find anything your heart desires when it comes to antiques or old farm goods. That first picture you included of the white kitchen with all the blue doors reminds me of the house I grew up in. All the interior walls including the ceilings were bead board. Old hardwoods throughout, no carpet! Growing up I hated that and was so embarrassed that we lived in such an old house. All my friends had panelling or sheetrock/plastered or wallpapered walls. But my Mom always made it beautiful and cozy. Of course people are paying money to have that look now! haha :) And admittedly I love that look too!
    Thanks for sharing! Good luck finding your door.

  16. It's a long time that I heard about Pantry Doors, and until now it exist. Meaning to say pantry doors is really good.

  17. We have similar Pantry Doors as depicted in this pictures. White blue in color, it has frosted glass for designs featuring fruits and vegetables.


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