Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Vignette

Just for fun...

With a red and white theme this year (and a few green, brown, and black accents), these were some of my favorite things that didn't show up on the Farmhouse Christmas Home Tour. And I was finally able to use some of that mismatched flatware I've collected at thrift stores and my French inspired numbered napkin rings for our Christmas Day meal.

A bit sad to pack it all up as I've enjoyed it so much. But everything has it's season and now I have a few photos to remind me how I decorated in 2012 (so I can do it again next year, Lord willing).

I still enjoy looking at photos of my mom's Christmas decorations and I'm sure my girls will do the same. So don't forget to take a few snapshots of your own home before you put the decorations to rest in the attic.

Here's to 2013!


  1. I love this vignette! melted snow...haha, how cute♥

  2. The melted snowman bottles are a hoot! Continued blessings in the new year Amy.

  3. Great idea to take photos of your decor. I recently went through old photos with my mom, and loved seeing the early 60's of us kids around her tree. Wish she'd taken photos of the other Christmas decor. I'll definitely do that next year myself (already put away this year's).
    LOVE that you share your FAITH. Inspires me to do the same on my own future blogs. I'm new to blogging/website; but I've learned so much from you - thank you Amy.


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