Friday, December 21, 2012

Saving Christmas Memories

I love getting photo Christmas cards each year. It's often the only time I get to see some of my dear friends that live miles away. And I love looking at our own family cards, reflecting on past Christmas celebrations, and seeing how the family has grown and changed year after year.

Typically, a copy of each year's card gets put in a special album or box, but I have found that I seldom get time to pull it out and reflect on them. So here's a way to enjoy those cards year after year, every Christmas season.... 

Frame them.

I haven't had a chance to do them all, but I found the last four Christmas cards and popped them into frames (some old and some new), and spread them around the living room.

Each card is unique in it's own way and seems to fit in some special spot in the house. After the first of the new year, I'll gather them up, wrap them in tissue, and tuck them away until next Christmas. But for now, I'm enjoying every second of sweet memories!

I can't wait to dig out more cards and place them in frames... this could be my favorite Christmas present to myself in years!

If you have some frames that have photos in them, but you've been looking at them so long that you don't really notice the picture anymore, it's OKAY to just carefully switch them out, because you can always switch them back. It's a great way to refresh your photos and you'll love how much joy it brings you to see some of those old cards! (And if your photos are getting too much sun, it's good to give them a break so they don't fade as fast!). 

How do you display your old family Christmas cards?


  1. I bought a pretty red photo album a couple of years ago and have been populating it with the photo cards we receive. It does make the season brighter to see friend and family from afar.

  2. Good morning! I am down with the flu and today was supposed to be the day that I photographed my children for our Christmas card (yes, very late in the game I know). Alas, it won't happen today, but perhaps New Year cards??? I began displaying our old cards a few years ago in this manner. I simply love bringing them out and making them part of our decorating scheme. I also have a photo of my dad when he was 9 months old on Santa's lap and a photo of me and my two siblings with our stockings (circa 1987). I love that your frames are each different! Thanks for sharing a bit of your traditions and I pray God blesses you and yours!

  3. This is such a nice idea. I never am sure what to do with photo cards and this makes a lovely use for them. Thanks for sharing a great tip and Merry Christmas!

  4. Very nice idea! Our home is so small that I would quickly fill up our walls and flat surfaces, but I love the idea just the same! Very nice!

  5. I have a binder with clear pages that I slide my picture Christmas cards into. It's my prayer binder for the year that keeps all the things I'm praying & asking the Father for. As I leaf through my pictures I pray blessing over each family & whatever else is on my heart for each family. I start a new book every year.

  6. Oh, Amy, I think your idea is inspired! The yearly Christmas photo really does chronicle family life quite nicely, and what a great way to have Christmas greetings throughout the house.
    Thanks so much for sharing your special idea.
    Wishing you Christmas blessings from Washington state.

  7. Great ideas! I have a lot of years of past photo cards...I'm off to get that box out of the closet now.

  8. That is a pretty good idea. Could use frames found at a flea market or Goodwill, too.
    Thanks for this!

    Merry Christmas! :o)


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