Friday, October 31, 2014

Wedding Day... The Ceremony

We are continuing to recap my wedding from earlier this year, mostly in photos taken by Misty Dameron Photography
The ceremony took place at the church where my dad pastors. 

We forgot to get bread and wine for communion, so we prayed instead...

We tied the knot... literally. Reminding ourselves for years to come that we are bound together in faith and the sight of God. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wedding Day... First Look

We are continuing to recap my wedding from earlier this year, mostly in photos taken by Misty Dameron Photography
We chose to do a first look after talking to many fellow brides, photographers, much research, and discussion. This is a trend I hope is here to stay. Some of my favorite pictures from our day came from the special moments we shared here. 
Eric and I are explorers and adventurers which is why we got married and are growing homesteaders! Weeks before we had been hiking and found an enchanted forest, green in the early days of winter. Barring the snow we secretly hoped for, it would be a perfect meeting place. On the day of, I got lost with the photographers and barely made it in time, but my love waited the extra hour and a half.
 It was worth it. 

Eric and I are traditionalists, but we are also more reserved in front of the many people we knew would be at our wedding. Our first choice was a small family wedding, but that wasn't an option, so we chose to share a few private moments before the wedding and two receptions. It was perfect. 

We met the wedding party and took a few pictures before heading to the wedding.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wedding Day... The Bride & Her Maids Get Ready!

I thought I'd recap the wedding in a few posts, mostly of photos, so you can see what kept me away from writing for 8 months. Besides, it's fun for me to go back and look at all these and journal a bit about the big event.

This particular post is all about the bride and bridesmaids. We had a LOT of fun making their morning special as they pampered themselves a bit and prepared to look gorgeous... which they did!

One of our bedrooms was converted into a dressing suite... complete with matching monogrammed dressing robes! These were packaged in black bags that looked like chalkboard and then were hand decorated with white chalk ink pens.

On the big day the girls filled up the room with laughter and anticipation.


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