About Kate

Welcome to Homestead Revival! Thank you for taking a moment to find out more about us and our homesteading mission. We each have a bit of history that has brought us on a "journey back to the farm"...

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 I'm Kate Myers, wife and apartment homesteader. In the words of Albert Einstein, "I am only passionately curious."

While I have blogged for a while and done some co-writing, it has only been recently that I have found myself at home in this niche. I am passionate about embracing femininity, exploring lost arts, and filling our homes with the beauty and purpose only found in Christ. It has been a gift to grow up in a home where my Mom passed on so many skills to me and now I have the opportunity to do the same.

Several years ago I spent three exciting months working on an organic farm in Indonesia. After coming home, I spent the next few summers working on a local organic farm. Through these experiences, I've had opportunities to brave the world of  foragingtransplanting bare roots, and weeding purslane.

Currently my kitchen is a mad scientist's laboratory full of bubbling ferments, aging cheeses, and fennel, my current essential oil obsession. My living room has seed catalogues, garden plans, and my homestead journal. My head is filled with new projects and old habits that I look forward to sharing with all of you.


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