Monday, February 28, 2011

Barn Hop #2

Last week was so much fun! And so many great homesteads! I'm still trying to visit them all! Thanks to everyone who linked up.

Kendra @ New Life On A Homestead
Megan @ A Blossoming Homestead
Jill @ The Prairie Homestead
Me! @ Homestead Revival

It's been a busy week here at my own homestead. I finally got my files organized thanks to JOYS (Just Organize Your Stuff)! I'll be talking more about that soon. And Cathy, who developed the system, is graciously offering a give-away! You won't want to miss out so be sure to come back all week!

 I finally got my worm composter set up and picked up my new red worms from a friend I met at the garden club last month. Like bees, these are amazing little creatures that do a lot of dirty work consuming kitchen garbage and making it into powerful stuff for your plants. That's coming up in a post, too!

One thing I'm reading about and considering is growing grasses or other greens for my chickens along with some meal worms (for protein). I do not have a lot of space set aside for pasturing my girls, but I believe some creative planning might make this possible. When I get this post up, I'd love to have some discussion from other readers who do this.

I finally made my first beef stock this week. Remember, I'm from the "Tang" generation and I never saw my mother do this despite all the meat we hunted and cows we purchased to butcher. I might get around to a post on how I did this, but I suspect some of you could do a better job! All the same, I feel like I've leaped another hurdle and accomplished something worthwhile.

I'll be posting an update on the beehive this week (I hope!). I want to show you my method for elevating it off the ground to prevent ants and other insects from entering the hive.

So, that's been my week and what's coming up. Now for your opportunity to showcase your blog. Just write a post on a homesteading topic, add the Barn Hop button (at the top of this post), link to this post, then come back here and add your information on the Linky below.


  1. I loved this last week Amy! What a great idea and so much fun! What a wonderful way to build the homesteading community and to make friends.

  2. I wish I had a barn for your to hop to. My only claim to homesteading is to join a CSA. I LOVE it.

  3. Looking forward to you information on the beehive.

  4. I'm so excited to hear about your bees! That worm and dirt photo is just great! I was just telling my husband yesterday about how much I enjoy dirt;)

  5. Yay! Sounds like you've had a very productive week!! I need to look into getting some worms for my compost bin. Right now it's just kinda sitting there... it could probably use some help!! I've been thinking about planting some grass for my chickens too. We had them in a huge run, but they very quickly scratched up all of the grass and now it's just mud. They are free ranging now 'cause I can't stand to keep them in there with nothing to peck around in. I've been planning on sprinkling some grass seed in there to grow back, but maybe I'll look into something maybe even more nutritious than just plain grass.

    (Oh, just so you know, I went back and added a link to your site, and Megan and Jill's as well. I forgot to mention my co-hosts!!!! Shame on me!! )

  6. Love the Barn Hops! My homestead is still in boxes (we just moved) but I hope to be participating soon!
    I have been vermicomposting for about a year now and I love it! Very rewarding without much work at all!

  7. Morn'n Amy, looks like another good Barn Hop. I too am still visiting others. Keeps us hop'n : )

    I'm so looking forward to your bees and worm topics. I took a bee class and need to do more homework before I get into them. I'm still working on organizing :/

    I have been saving my beefstock but in the freezer. I think the canned jars would be better and plan to do that instead. The other way takes up to much room in my freezer. Sure will make a lot of dishes very rich with goodness.

    Have a great week

    tc linda

  8. Hi Amy,
    So glad you came by this morning. Yes, you can use the phrase anytime. I would love to see how you made beef stock. I've been using organic beef stock for all my soups and stews this winter which is an improvement over those tiny salt laden beef bullion cubes I used to use. Bleck! We plan to extend our run for the girls this spring with fencing to keep them in. I wish they could free range, but we have the occasional lose dog in our neighborhood so it isn't worth it.
    Happy Barn hopping!

  9. The only problem I have found with filing is when the folders get full...I always have a hard time deciding what to get rid of and what to save...So how did your beef stock turn out? Was it tasty? We make our own chicken stock...That is probably what I have the most of in our freezer...Grandma's Chicken Soup! This has been so much fun I am new to this whole blogging thing but have been following yours for about a year now...very inspiring...thank you!

  10. Where do I find the html code for the link button?

  11. Amy, I'm not sure where to link up this week? It may just be me~after all, it is a Monday! :) I have a link attached to my blog post, but it just brings me to your homepage. ???

  12. Hi Amy
    It all sounds very interesting - I know what you mean about the stock - it's something I've never seen either my mother or grandmothers do, so I haven't braved it yet (well except vegetable which is easy). I look forward in following along on your bee adventures & hearing about your pasture for your chickens - I would think if you don't have room for them to roam this is a fantastic idea! I know some of the huge free range farms around here grow particular pasture for their chickens.
    Hope you have a great week - I'm not joining this week as I have my giveaway, but have some posts in my head for future barn hops!
    Have fun

  13. Kim and Anita, to get the link, just click the title of the blog (Barn Hop #2) and it will take you to a page that is just that post. Copy the URL and use that as your link. I know I made it confusing when I called the barn door with the chicken picture a button. It's really just a picture. Sorry!

  14. Hi Amy!
    I have tried worm composting a couple of time without success (poor worms)! They either escaped or dried up in the heat! :~O I do want to try again being a little more prepared.
    About the greens for the girls ~ I purchased some *Chicken Chow lettuce Mix* (organic) from Territorial Seed late last year. Hope to try planting it around the outside of the chicken yard. The girls stick their head out of the fencing and eat the grass so I thought I would plant something for them there. (I will have to keep it covered with something until it is big enough for them to graze on. The hens are mostly in the yard in the summer to keep them out of the garden and flower beds until I get them fenced away. The chicken chow should be a fun diversion for them! And I won't feel quite so quilty locking them up! They really love Swiss Chard, also and the Bright lights or Neon Lights strains are so pretty, too! Would make a pretty little hedge around the yard until the hens eat it up!
    I am lovin' the Barn Hop!

  15. Lady Farmer, thanks for telling me about the Chicken Chow Lettuce! I have their catalog, so I'll check it out. A local friend is going to plant chard for her chickens, too. They must love the stuff. Guess I'll add that to my list!
    Glad you like the Barn Hop!

  16. I am just now hearing about your barn hop. I hope to join in soon. I will help spread the word.


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