Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lingering At the Table

I don't know where I got the notion that the French linger over their meal, eating it slowly, savoring each course, and enjoying the conversation with family or friends. Perhaps it's the Italians or Greeks, but it doesn't really matter. I just know I like it. 

Our world has become so fast paced that we rush everything, including that which should be held as most important amongst people: relationships. Now there are many ways to build relationships, but I happen to like remaining at the table once in a while with good company and good conversation. I think this is something we should cultivate in our society beginning with families.

Imagine, your family gathers for the meal, the table is beautifully set, the meal lovingly served, and everyone gulps it down and rushes off to whatever it is on their agenda. Nope. Just doesn't cut it for me. A long meal isn't always practical, but couldn't we at least have just one meal a week where everyone knows that the family is sticking around to visit and share their day? (This would be a great opportunity to set a lovely table with cloth napkins - See Dinner Napkins)

This is a topic I want to explore further with readers, so be watching for posts on The Family Table. I want to share ideas, traditions, and examples from history. Perhaps we can encourage each other with our progress in this area. And don't be afraid to leave your comments! We all would love to hear from you!


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