Monday, October 12, 2009

Dehydrating Herbs

Perhaps you are already on top of things and you are dehydrating herbs, but I couldn't help but post this idea. Although I've had a dehydrator for years, I really hadn't done any herbs. I finally got after it and I love the results!

Recently I dried some parsley that I knew wasn't going to be used before it went bad. Along with it, I dried some sage from a plant on my patio that needed thinning as well and some mint that was just about to be caught in the first frost.

Update 2/21/10: I now just dry them stem and all. When they're done, I simply crumble the leaf off into a bowl, then seal in a jar with my vacuum sealer.

Each of the herbs were put in small mason jars and sealed with my food saver jar attachment. These will make great additions to soup and turkey this fall! 

What herbs have you dried successfully?


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