Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chicken Coop Inspiration

Doesn't it just seems too daunting to make chickens, with all their dust, feathers, and droppings, lovely? I mean, we all want our gardens to look pretty and inviting; the walk up to the front porch, the sitting area on the back patio, the drive up to the garage... but then we get to the vegetable garden and coop and somehow all our inspiration seems to evaporate.

I think a little motivation is in order, don't you? Even with the Hen Hilton going in, right now it seems to just be four walls with some doors and windows (well made, mind you, but still a box at this point). Here are a few favorite inspirational chicken coops that excite me...

The first four pictures are from Bonnie Manion at VintageGardenGal. I just love how she has incorporated her flowers around the runs!

Is that foxglove? And chrysanthemums? Why, I do think those girls are happy layers because their view is so fabulous!

And these must be early spring lilies. Some thing different for each season. What a great idea!

Two views of the coop itself show this wonderful vine growing with pink flowers up and over the top. Certainly softens the hard lines on an otherwise plain side of a hen house.

The next two photos I found ages ago and saved them for my own coop plans. I adore this "lean to" style run on the side of this pale yellow chicken house. The Hen Hilton will get one of these on the right side for new chicks each spring and for all the girls once they are old enough and acquainted. (I tried for an hour to locate the source of this photo and the next two, but finally gave up. If any of these should be your coop, please let me know and I'll certainly give credit and post a link!)

What do you think of the red and white school house look? Cheery! That front door was inspiration for the Hen Hilton as well. And those tall runs. A must have. I'm so tired of bending over in the smaller runs. How am I suppose to do that years from now when I'm an old lady and all the kids are grown and gone? Think long term, gals! Build for the future!

The copula is lovely, yes? Mmmm... I'm thinking about that one. Might add that as a finishing touch in a year or two - after a few other projects are completed!

Wow! What a great idea to add a trellis to one end. It looks lovely even without anything growing on it. And it doesn't hurt that it opens up right into the garden area. Nice.

Okay, before you even look at the next picture, I have to tell you that THIS one was my dream. I wanted a rustic little home for my girls with all this lovely finery (but my wonderful man just couldn't bring himself to build anything but what he thought was best). Simple and elegant. That's what I say. But truthfully, it's really the roses that say it all...

Country Home Magazine/ March 2008, pg. 72

Did it take your breath away like it did mine? And aren't the chickens so pretty up against those flowers? Makes me swoon a bit.

Here's how I see it. Unless you're using an old rusted out vehicle or an old washer as your chicken coop (which I did see when surfing the net), you can make just about anything look great if you add some paint and 'get your green on' by planting a little garden around it. My own will have light sage green siding with a light tan trim (due to CC & R's I have to abide by). Then I bought two bridal veil spirea plants and some boxwoods to place around the edge somewhere. I'm thinking a white lady banks rose bush on one side. And since some of the coop is in the shade, I'll probably add some hosta and maybe a silver lace vine. Along the fence behind it, I want to add some iceberg roses. Kind of a white and green theme. Simple, but hopefully beautiful.

Want to share your chicken coop? Add a comment with a link to your post and photo. We'd love to see!


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