Saturday, April 10, 2010

Blogging Bee #5

I'm a bit behind getting this posted today, but better late than never, right? Each Saturday I host the Blogging Bee here at Homestead Revival where bloggers can link to their favorite finds during the week. 

The Blogging Bee is simply an opportunity for bloggers to share what they gleaned from reading other blogs during the week by writing about it on their own blog. It could be something new you leaned or simply just a great idea that you'd like to share. Besides passing on good information, it's designed to recognize other bloggers. Thus, the reason why you post links to their blog in your write up.

If you'd like to see examples of past Blogging Bees, just click here or on the link in the right sidebar under "Read More Posts Here" where it says "blogging bee". I often share three or four things (which you'll see below under Amy's Picks), but if you want to share only one, that's perfectly fine. Also, I think it is a great way for some new bloggers who are doing a great job to get recognized out there in Bloggerland. And it's a great way for you, the reader, to get the best of the best.

There are three steps to this fun event:
1) Write a post telling something(s) you learned or liked this week from another blog that is worth passing on. 

2) Grab the graphic above, add it onto your post and link back to Homestead Revival. To do this, just click on the title above, copy the URL, and link it or embed it in your blog.

3) Come back and add your name and your own URL to Mr. Linky below.  

Still not sure how this works? Here are my picks...

Amy's Picks

Bonnie Manion is a blogger who writes from her home, Domaine de Manion, located in the San Diego area. At Vintage Garden Gal she has posted on her prolific strawberry patch in Southern California. If you've ever wanted to know the basics for growing these wonderful sweet fruits, Bonnie's post will get you started. And check out her chickens and coop while you're there. Lovely indeed!

On a completely different note, Kathy at Regan Family Farm has written a very honest and open post about her parenting journey from perfection to purpose. This is exactly the message that I would love to convey to each and every reader. And Kathy's blog is very lovely, so make sure you have some time and a cup of tea when you go over there. You'll want to stay a while and read!

Finally, please don't forget Wendy Hammond's Friday series Food and Faith Challenge over at The Local Cook! This week she is hosting guest blogger Halle the Homemaker on the topic of Creation as it relates to food. This series is really going to be great!

So that's a blogging bee! Just do the same over at your own blog, add the graphic, link here, and come back and add your URL to Mister Linky below. I can't wait to read the treasures you've found!


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