Monday, October 18, 2010

Power In Prayer

There is definitely power in prayer! And you all have so faithfully lifted me and my family up before the throne of Grace. Thank you! 

Photo Credit: Samantha Celera

On that note, I thought I'd share what I'm up to these days while I've been quietly off line... praying POWERFULLY for my husband. Not just an SOS prayer, or an quick word lifted up for him, but intense prayer. Perhaps I should have been doing this all along... yes, I'm a pastor's wife. But can I humbly confess that I'm just a girl like you and intense praying doesn't come easy for me? No surprise here, but I tend to be a do-er. I dare say it comes easily only for a precious few. Satan looks for ways to thwart believers and I'm sure he works overtime sending distractions our way to keep us from really doing business on our knees.

I'm speaking to the gals that read this blog for a moment (guys, apply this however it's appropriate for you)... If you consider yourself a homesteader or a homemaker, as the wife and helpmeet, you are most likely the manager of your home. And this is Biblical. 

       "So I counsel younger widows to marry, 
        to have children, 
        to manage their homes 
        and to give the enemy no opportunity for slander."
            ~ I Timothy 5:14

As I see it, one of the first steps in managing your home, is praying for your family. Anyone agree? But home many of us make this our first priority in management? 

I'm not talking about praying to manipulate our spouses and children. I'm talking about praying that we would be willing servants of Christ, walking in the Fruit of the Spirit, and wise in our decisions. I'm talking about being a the best helpmeet we can be and lifting our spouse up to the Lord for Him to work in their life as He (The Lord) sees fit, not how we as wives think our spouses need changing.

Anyone still with me?

I'm working my way through Stormie Omartian's book, The Power of The Praying Wife. There are 30 chapters and prayers so that you can pray one each and every day of the month (the 31st excluded). I figure each month I'll just start over again and keep repeating this until it becomes a habit. And of course, I can always add specific things God places on my heart at anytime, but the point is to make it a habit to pray intensively for my husband. (Guys, there is a book for me called The Power of the Praying Husband, just in case you want to do this, too.)

       "The effective prayer of a righteous man 
       can accomplish much."
          ~ James 5:16

Please share if you've been doing this and what the Lord has done as a result. We'd all love to hear and be encouraged. And if you want to join me, click the link for the book above, get a copy and get praying!


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