Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Eat More Beans" Recipe Exchange

Since the economy is tight (and perhaps our belts due to a bit of holiday over indulgence), dried beans are a healthy frugal meal option and a long lasting food storage item. But do you have plans of how you're going to use these legumes either now or in a crisis for that matter? The only disadvantage in an emergency is that they require a bit of time, a fair amount of water to prepare and an appropriate heat source, but apart from that, they make a great item to keep on hand for meals.

Why not combine our ideas and recipes? I'm sure everyone has at least one really good use for beans. If we all share, each person will have plenty of options to choose from by the end of the week. And, by linking up, readers will get to visit some new "internet homesteads". 

Bean Recipe Exchange:

1. Write a blog post with a favorite bean recipe or discuss how you use beans in everyday cooking, food storage recipes, or other related ideas.

2. Include this button on your post - just drag it to your desktop and then upload.

3. Copy the URL of your post and come back here and add it to the Linky below along with your photo. If you don't have a recipe photo, you can include your profile photo or a photo from your header. 

If beans are typically hard on your digestive system, Wardeh, over at GNOWFGLINS™ has an outstanding cooking ecourse where you can learn how to soak your beans to reduce the phytates. Adding a touch of baking soda or ginger to the pot may help reduce some of the gas associated with eating beans. Just don't forget to wait to add salt until they are tender or you'll make the beans tough!

I can hardly wait to try your recipe!


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