Saturday, March 24, 2012

Now Is the Time...

The cats may be thinking it's time to take a break and just enjoy the sun, but for the rest of us, now is the time to DIG! Although spring has begun, we're still getting snow off and on. But in between are beautiful days and plenty of sunshine! Just what I've needed to cure those winter blues and get some vitamin D, while getting a jump on my garden! Amazing what a few hours outdoors does for the spirit!

If you plan to move any plants around your yard or garden, plant trees or shrubs, add fencing, or change the terrain of your land, now is the time to do so while the ground is moist and soft! In fact, it's so soft at the moment, even in our High Desert Mountain range I can easily slip my shovel down into soil that would normally be hard as a rock!

This week I've already started digging out a trench to build a retaining wall in my terraced vegetable garden, planted four trees, and I'm about to plant 8 more. Next I need to dig some post holes and add some fencing for some berry plants and transplant them from their original home (which will now be the new goat yard). I have a couple of blueberries to plant as well. And before it's all said and done, I think I'll move a couple of perennials that would do better in a different location.

One of the things I did this winter was to save a bit of money aside for my garden. That way, when my local nursery got bare root fruit trees and other items in stock around January and February, I could purchase a few at a much better price. Some of these were planted in a large plastic container until I was ready to get them in the ground. My nursery also held on to some that I paid for until I was ready (all you need to do is ask; my nursery was more than willing!). 

If you missed bare root sales at your own nursery, add a note to your calendar or tickler file to remind you next year to plan ahead, because immediately following bare root sales is soft dirt season in the garden! Time to plant!

And if I'm AWOL from my blog, you'll know I'm out in the garden!


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