Friday, May 25, 2012

What Will You Do This Summer?

Summertime. Three months of bliss! Not that the other nine months aren’t equally captivating in their own way, but when the regular academics are over for the year and the pressure of meetings, regular events, and school commitments has come to a close, the freedom that summer offers (along with the great weather) is a bit intoxicating to say the least! If you’re like me, the “wanna do” list is often more than time allows.
It’s easy just to write out a list of things YOU want to accomplish, but what’s on your list for the future homemakers in your family? While I believe in training daughters on a daily basis by having them work along side of me on just about everything I do, there is a time and place for learning a specific life skill that goes beyond the fundamentals or essentials and captures their passion for learning.
Certainly, I want them to know all the basics of homemaking. This does not change from daughter to daughter. Before they are grown, every child should know how to do laundry, cook a meal, clean a home, etc. But there are areas of specialization that they may find especially compelling and stimulating to their mind and soul.

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