Friday, June 15, 2012

Inspiration Friday: Glam For Cans!

There's absolutely no end to the ways you can dress up a canning jar! Truly, the sky is the limit. Here are a few of my favorites that inspire me to put food in jars...

The traditional red gingham cloth with twine and a plain handwritten label never grows old.

Pinterest via Poppy Talk

If you live in the U.K., you could just buy gingham lids at the Preserve Shop.

Preserve Shop

Another traditional variation is the brown kraft paper cover with red and white baker's twine. And check out these DARLING tags from the Cottage Industrialist (love that name!). If you're wanting to host a canning party, they have a link to Paper Crave who is offering this free download for your event!

Cottage Industrialist
Paper Crave
Even muslin will work (or burlap or any other fabric for that matter). Here's a tutorial for getting just the right cut on that fabric...

If crafting isn't your thing but you want "the look", Mud and Twig's etsy shop has just the tag for you in a variety of designs.


Something a bit more professional in mind? You can have that, too, with a number of various options.

Flex Doolittle

Thanks to advances in home printing, you can create custom looking labels right in your own kitchen. And without a lot of fuss. Templates are all over the internet! Here's a couple of options that will make you ohhh and ahhh.... no charge.

Elephant Shoe
World Label
And for that VERY special jar, an embossed spoon (you could just put the entire spoon through a ribbon on the side for serving)...

Cute Pink Stuff and More

Too bad I don't live in England... I'd have a new favorite shop! Burgon & Ball labels their jars permanently, but oh so chic! Gets the brain going for ideas, does it not? I wonder if vinyl lettering would wash off or go through the water bath canner?

Burgon & Ball via Garden Center TV

You have to laugh at this one... and appreciate it at the same time. The label really does say it all!

Canning Crafts

How will you dress your jars?


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