Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Odds & Ends

Well... yes, I'm still here. Trying to get my act together after a long road trip. Thanks to all the help from friends, the homestead was in great shape upon arrival, but I kind of needed a vacation from my vacation! 

And then there was the news... less than 24 hours after arriving home, we received a call that a young extended family member was tragically killed. Took the wind right out of our sails! 

So instead of a long thoughtful post, I'm going to dive back in with something fun... a photo I took inside this little general store I like to frequent when back home...

I have no real comment other than I just liked it. Texas gave me lots of opportunities to practice a bit of photography composition, so you may get a dose of it all week long while I try to get back into routine around here! 

I've missed y'all! 


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