Thursday, April 11, 2013

Giveaway: Natural Linens Ticking Towels & Napkins

By now you may be aware of my love for cloth towels and napkins. (If not, feel free to catch up by reading HERE - we use them exclusively now, not just once a week.) You, too? Or perhaps you'd like to begin your journey toward reusable linens. Either way, you'll want to check out Natural Linens Eco-Friendly products made from 100% organic GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton.

And what a blessing that Carmen at Natural Linens is offering a giveaway for a lovely set of two hand towels along with a set of 8 napkins... all in a lovely blue ticking! Be still my heart!

The hand towels would grace any home, either in the kitchen, a guest bath, at the dinner table in a large bread basket, or even as an accent in a creative display. But keep in mind... they are made to work and can be used every day. Finished in a rustic serged edging, the blue ticking looks great with almost any decor from shabby chic to French country.

I can just imagine a summer table set with these napkins, interspersed with white dishes or enamelware and bright yellow sunflowers. Definitely an alfresco affair to remember!

But why just use them for special events? Why not create a home-culture that includes lovely linens? The blue ticking would be perfect for every day. And let's face it... the men in our life might adapt more readily to blue stripes as opposed to something floral. I think these are a win-win for any home!

If stripes aren't your thing, be sure to shop Natural Linens' Etsy store for their Birdseye Unbleached organic cotton products. These items come unadorned, but if you wanted to add a creative touch, they're the perfect blank slate for creating personalized items. A little fabric painted strawberry on a hand towel, perhaps some bright orange carrots with green tops on napkins, or how about a hand stamped initial in fabric ink on the Natural Linens handkerchiefs?

I've been using Carmen's Natural Linens for some time, and I am impressed by their ability to look fresh even after heavy use. The natural color seems to hide a lot of discoloration and dinginess I typically get on all-white cloths. And they do hold up! At just over $1 each, their un-paper towels are economical enough for you to give them a try. (2 un-paper towels cost about the same as a roll of disposable paper towels, but they last MUCH longer!)

*NOTE: As with most 100% cotton products, ironing is necessary if you want a wrinkle free look. However, it is up to you and many people just hand press has they line dry their natural linens.

Natural Linens has several items in their product line. Click one of the links and check out their Etsy store or website and see for yourself! And then be sure to come back and enter the giveaway!


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