Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Welcome to the Myers

My beautiful Staub casserole dish, kitchen utensils, and a spice rack for pegboard
         My excuse for not writing -  being a newlywed
         No apologies.

        This is my home. We have a two bedroom apartment in the middle of the Tehachapi Mountains. I love it. 
         My husband and I are getting things done. I have an idea; he goes to Home Depot. One day he came home and there were dozens of tiny green sticky notes all over. I had been Pinteresting. 

        Spellcheck may say its not a word, but we know it is an active verb.

         I took my inspiration from Julia Child's kitchen. Ever since Meryl Streep graced the screen with her onion mincing and crying, I knew she was my hero. Julia Child, not Meryl Streep.
         Eric took me to out to HomeDepot and had them cut industrial pegboard to size, while I dreamily looked at pegs. 

         When we got home, Eric used wall anchors to mount the nails, putting in a nut to space the pegboard out from the wall. Besides the four corners, he braced the middle, so it can hold my Les Creuset Dutch Oven. 

         Organizing my kitchen has never been so easy, all I had to do was have my husband dry and put away while I wash. Instead of putting all the utensils in one jar, he dashed out of the room to grab the hooks.

        He also used screwdriver holders for our molinillos, Mexican hot chocolate whisks.

        I took the racks we picked up and use the small ones for spices, medium for Ball jars with utensils, and the large ones for pot lids and napkins.

          As an after thought we put up invisible bookshelves for our cookbooks and travel guides which had been lining the counter. All we needed was two L-brackets per shelf, more wall anchors, and Velcro pieces.

         After mounting the brackets at level, we tacked a small piece of Velcro to the back inside cover of a hard cover book and the other on the bottom of the bracket. The trick is spacing out the Velcro evenly on the book, so that it matches the bracket. The perfect distance is about 6 inches between the brackets.

      As a last note, I pulled out all of the odd shaped dishes, large pots, and my cheese grater and hung them on an overhead pot rack. My husband has to duck and weave to get the coffee pot in the morning, but he wants to be in fighting shape. 

      We still have a lot to do, but that's part of the fun. We are learning to conserve space, reduce clutter, and build a home together.  


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