Saturday, July 11, 2015

A New Homestead Journey

I did not expect to find myself on this path.

Just a little over a year ago, I was a SAHM living in a big farmhouse and homeschooling. My husband had full time employment and we were planning a wedding for our oldest daughter.  On the negative side, we had a growing medical debt, the "farm" was weighing us down, and stress was growing within the family.

How much can life change in 1.5 years? Quite a lot.

We no longer have the big farmhouse, but a much smaller rental with half the amount of land and even less useable land space (and lots of cash in the bank!). No debt. Husband retired. Girls went back to a small private school. I went back to work full time. And the farm is now "La Petite Farm" (that should explain a lot, but will follow up with details in a future post).

Thankfully, the stress has been greatly reduced and we are starting to find our stride in our new lifestyle. Our first grand baby is due any day (it's a boy!) and I while we have some general plans, nothing is set in stone as to what we will do next.

However, I do know we are on a different homestead journey than before. No promises here, but if I can squeeze in a minute or two once or twice a week to journal about it here, then I'll give it a whirl. One thing is for sure, any blogging I do will be short and sweet, comments turned off, and no link ups, etc. Just one woman's quiet little corner of the world on the world wide web.

So if you read Homestead Revival before and thought 1) I wish I had her life!, 2) I could never do that because I don't have the option to stay-at-home, 3) I can't afford a house and farm like that, 4) I rent, so I can't do any farming, 5) or any other 'ol thing that comes to mind.... just stay tuned. It looks a lot different around here and the posts on this blog will too!

About the comments turned off... I love to read what people say! It's so gratifying to hear someone loves my blog or they got a great tip. But the truth is... it puffs up. And it takes up a lot of extra time I just don't have right now. So if you want to give Homestead Revival a shout out, thank you! Just share the blog with a friend and say a little prayer for us. Enough said on that.

So... here's to a new journey! Let the story begin.


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