Monday, February 20, 2012

Barn Hop #50

Welcome, friends! We have hit the 50 mark and I feel a bit like celebrating! Thank you to everyone in the homesteading community who has linked up or left a comment and helped to cultivate a network of sharing and friendship! YOU have made this Barn Hop work!!

While each of us may have practiced one or two things growing up, few of us actually grew up homesteading at the level we are striving for today. And skills were lost. But through the shared community, we are gaining ground fast and providing a venue for others to join us and learn, including the next generation. 

Again, thank you for being a part of this process. I've learned so much from many of you and have been encouraged by your comments and posts to keep going when things get tough. Like when I killed my bees on accident. Oh, that was a sad day (I grieved for a week!). And when my garden didn't do as well as I would have liked, many of you who were more experienced reminded all of us that sometimes it's just not a great year for plants. Some of you have been so kind as to help me with homesteading questions via email, but often we first met right here at the Barn Hop!   

As the Barn Hop grows, it may not seem so quaint and personal as it did in the beginning. I want to encourage you to find a few blogs you like in the link up and follow them regularly, but visit a new blog here and there as well. You never know... it might be that kindred spirit you've been looking to connect with! 

Join The Barn Hop!
and Amy @ Homestead Revival...

...invite you to link up and share your homesteading adventures!

1. Write a blog post about what's going on at your homestead or a post on something you're learning or an item of interest that will benefit the homesteading community. Be sure to add the red barn button and link back here so others can join in the fun.

2. Come back here and enter your information in the Linky. Please be sure to link to your actual post (click your title and then copy the URL above) and not your home page so those participating later in the week can find your post easily.

3. If you don't have a blog, leave a comment and tell us what's going on at your homestead!

Please Note: As hostesses of the Homestead Barn Hop, please understand that we reserve the right to remove any links that are not family friendly. While this may be subjective, we will err on the side of caution in order to keep our blogs appropriate for all readers. Thank you for your understanding!


  1. Hi Amy!
    Thanks for hosting this great linky- delighted to be part of it as always. I posted #80 and #81
    The Seasonal Celebration Linky #4 is now live- pop over with your latest post
    Hope to see you there!
    Rebecca x

  2. Thanks for hosting! I posted my easy to make super healthy dressing.

  3. Thanks for hosting! I can't wait to check out that Pizza on a Stick from #147. Yum!

  4. HI Amy,

    I remember when you started the very first Homestead Barn Hop :) :) In fact, many of the blogs I follow now are a direct result of your blog hop ) :) I always leave a comment with the blogs I visit, AND I've always learned something new, be it a practical tip or something spiritual. There's always something fantastic here :) :) Oh, and yes, I've met very many "kindred spirits" here, too :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather ;)

    1. Heather, you always brighten everyone's day! You have a gift for encouragement!! Thank you for building up the Body of Christ and so many bloggers! (And glad you like the Barn Hops!)

  5. I always love stopping by your sweet hops full of great knowledge! So much fun!


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