Friday, September 4, 2009

Coop Update

School started this week and summer is mostly over. We got a lot done during the last three months and I feel very blessed. There is still so much more to do - as always, but I know that we are making progress. This is exciting. We've lived in this house six years as we finished a lot of inside finish work and outside landscaping and construction. 

I am saving pictures of the inside of the coop for when it is completely finished, but I thought I'd give you an update on the outside of the coop as of today. 

The front door is in, some windows cut out but without the actual windows installed. We have purchased the siding and roofing material and will begin working on all that this weekend. We added two temporary runs (one of which we already had), so that the chickens could actual use the hen house while we finish it and still be safe. These will come off soon and large walk in runs will be added to each side. These will be much longer, taller, and wider. 

I'm calling this the Hen Hilton because so much money has gone into it!! We could have built something much cheaper, but my husband is a woodworker from years ago and a perfectionist. There will be no issue of cold chickens or something falling down in a year or two. For that, I'm very grateful. My husband is always saying that he is building it so that it could be used for another purpose if I ever grow tired of chickens! Really? I can't fathom how that is possible. Ah, well. Let him build. My "girls" will be happy to reside in the Hen Hilton.

A reclaimed nesting box with an offering...

More pictures of Penny...


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