Friday, September 11, 2009

In Search of the Perfect Apron

The more I wear aprons, the more I realize how useful they are. The more I find they are useful, the more I look at aprons to find the perfect one. The more I look for the perfect apron, the more I realize I'm going to have to make it myself.

I've been toying with the idea of pulling my sewing machine out of the store room for a while. Years ago I sewed all the time, but when the girls came along, some things got set aside. Sewing was one of them. Now that they are a bit older and wanting to learn to sew themselves, I think the season has arrived to give it a try again.

While searching for ideas for "the" apron, I've found lots of wonderful possibilities on Etsy. Check out some of my favorites. All of these are for sale; that is if you get there before I decide one of them is "practically perfect in every way"!

I love the vintage style, ric-rac, and fabrics on this apron:

I like how this one is reversible. If you spill something on one side, just flip it over for extended wear before you have to wash it:

This "earthy", yet fashionable apron is fresh and funky. Click on the picture for a close up of that cute decorative rosette:

This one is the most like me. I love the colors and the style:
The oilcloth fabric of this apron is very practical. Just wipe it off if you get something on it:
The fabric choice of this item makes it perfect for splatters, spills, etc. Plus it just looks darling:

I love the button on the side of this apron. Just add a buttonhole to your dish towel and it is with you wherever you turn. Now that is practical:
I noticed none of them had a bunch of little pockets for collecting eggs or a fold out flap for extra produce from the garden. And what about a cell phone pocket? I could really use that. My current apron only has one large pocket on top and every time I bend over my cell phone falls out! I did see an apron somewhere with a hook for your keys. That would be helpful, too.

So what would your perfect apron be like?


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