Saturday, July 3, 2010

In Praise of Fences

I am currently in love with fences.

Photo Credit: Code Poet

Have you ever stopped to consider the benefits of a fence?

Photo Credit: Alicakes*

They define space, create rooms, and impart a sense of security.

Photo Credit: 50%Chanceofrain

A fence gives you a sense of permanence; of belonging.

Photo Credit: ~K~

They can be timeless...

Photo Credit: Silver*Rose

and yet, recall a time of yesteryear.

Photo Credit: jschneid

A fence can corral and contain...

Photo Credit: Ben Oh

and provide a backdrop for a showy display of flowers,

Photo Credit: goddessexpresions

all while reflecting the character of the maker.

Photo Credit: brllnt_haromony

Yes, I love fences. And my husband is almost done with the fence around our garden and chicken yard. I can't wait!

Please share your own thoughts on fences!


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