Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Your Input Would Be Greatly Appreciated!

I really could use some reader input on something that I am considering.... writing a home economics curriculum that is based on biblical principals, but also one that emphasizes a homesteading mind set. In other words... a curriculum that includes keeping a kitchen garden, some food preservation basics, and maybe a bit of animal husbandry. Chickens and perhaps goats. 

I've looked at what's out there on the market, and frankly, I'm not too impressed. However, I'm not sure that I can do that much better, but I think I might like to try (between midnight and 6 am! Just kidding.). However, not if it a curriculum is not needed! Stop me now before I jump in with both feet, please!!

Anyway, I did find one that I thought was fairly good published by Christian Light Publications, but it covered a few things in depth that I would just touch on and it didn't cover things I think are important for the next generation. For example, a lot of sewing was covered in this series. (Sewing could be an entire course of it's own!) I would introduce some basics and a few projects like the napkins I posted on a while back, maybe some burp cloths that could be made into cute baby gifts; that kind of thing. And on the other hand, I would emphasize some other things such as keeping an herb garden, cleaning with natural cleaners, etc.

On the right side bar I have a poll going that addresses the question of interest in a curriculum, but what I'd really like to know is what you think a good curriculum should cover. What would you like your daughters (or future daughter-in-laws) to learn? What topics and how deep? Should it be a semester long; one year; two?

I know one thing. It needs to appeal to lots of different young girls. As strange as it may seem, I had NO interest in such things as a high schooler (I was always in Ag and FFA). But somehow I managed to get a bachelor's degree in home economics! And now, years down the road, I love being a keeper of the home. In all fairness, I have to disclose that I was not encouraged to be a keeper of the home, but rather to have a "career" outside the house. With teenagers in mind, what do you think would draw girls into a curriculum and to really enjoy homemaking and homesteading?

I can't wait to hear from you! Y'all always have such great ideas!!

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