Monday, December 20, 2010

Homesteading Christmas Gifts

Are you like me... waiting until all the Christmas baking, decorating, gift-giving, and outreach is completed before it crosses my mind that my husband wants to know what to get me for Christmas? (And it's just occurred to him, too?) I try to convince him (and myself) that there's nothing I really want or need; we've already spent too much money; I know he loves me and doesn't need to spend money to show me, etc.

He's not convinced.

Photo Credit: Sarah Parrott

A few ideas would be nice. And if I'm going to pick something, it's probably going to be an item that is practical and useful. I'm just not a diamonds and perfume kind-of-a-gal. But a homesteading item? Now that speaks to me!

My affiliates have some awesome, top-notch products that I can personally recommend because I have and use these items myself (and yes, I make a small commission when you purchase through my "shop" page) . I also have some great advertisers that have products I like to use. So if you need to pass on a list to your own spouse, here's a few items you might consider...

VitaMix makes the last blender you'll ever need. Seriously. If you want to see some video clips, just click here and then click the VitaMix link.

An Excalibur dehydrator is a perfect investment for your food preservation and storage. And it does so much more than just dehydrate food; it's excellent for making homemade raw milk yogurt! For more information of what you can do with one of their dehydrators, click this link and select the next link for Excalibur. 

USA Emergency Supply has an entire website filled with great gifts for the homesteader who is looking to store food or prepare food in a "less-than-ideal" situation. You just can't wait until you "NEED" these items; you need to have them before hand

I've heard a lot of gals say that they want to use Tattler Lids, but it would be too expensive to buy a lot at once. Now's the perfect time... tell your spouse you'd like a few boxes for your Christmas gift!

Jimmy Pickles has some great items for keeping you organized on your homestead in style; perfect for stocking stuffers or as a stand alone gift. My wristlet key chain is perfect for when I need to be out and about without my purse (and it makes it easier to find my keys when they are in the purse!). Don't forget that she's got lots more... go take a look!

Okay, so what's on my list this year? I can think of a few things...

A solar oven perhaps.

Or soap making supplies; especially molds.

And then there's the cadillac of pressure canners; an All-American Pressure Canner.

Oh, yes. One more item. Some Nite Gard Predator Controls. For the bee hives, of course.

Speaking of bee hives... a gift certificate from Brushy Mountain Bee Farm would be awesome! There's no end to the items a gal could want over there!

Finally, last, but not least by any means... books. Lots of homesteading books! Every homesteader needs a library of hands on reference material. Don't count on the internet as being your only source because it just isn't that reliable. Besides, you can't wag it out to the garden or barn with you and unless you have a lap top, you can't crawl up in bed with it! My Amazon Bookstore is always open and any item purchased on Amazon gives Homestead Revival™ a small commission as long as you enter their site through my blog page by clicking here. (It doesn't have to be just one of the books I'm recommending). 

I think a homesteading girl would love any of these, don't you? And by the way, thank you for shopping through Homestead Revival™. Your purchase helps me more than you know!

What homesteading item is on your wish list this year? (I might want to add it to my own!)


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