Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Desk Organization: Design Notebook

I know what you're thinking. Probably something along the lines of... "I thought this was a homesteading blog?". And it most certainly is! My homestead includes my house. Why do I always feel the need to apologize for a post about decorating on a homestead blog? Apparently I must have a hang up about this, but the truth is... God is a god of order and beauty. And He created that desire within each of us. So, no more apologies... just know I'm craving some organization and beauty right now; no doubt the fact that it's the middle of winter has something to do with it!

And since today has been raining and I'm in the midst of purging my office and reorganizing, it has occurred to me that a design notebook would solve a big issue in my office area... 

The Problem: My files are stuffed! and one major file that is always overflowing and hard to get into is my tear file for magazine pictures that I keep for inspiration and ideas (okay, really it's several files, but who's counting?). Because it's so stuffed, I actually avoid it. I'd rather not look through the pictures because it's such a mess. And what's the point of having an inspiration file if you never get into it? 

The Solution: A notebook! I love notebooks. While some things are better in a file, other things are better in a three ring binder, like magazine pictures that inspire me. This way I can pull it out easily and browse through it when I need some ideas. And when I tire of a picture, it will be easy to remove. That way the file always stays fresh. 

As I was purging these unruly files, I realized that my tastes or needs had moved beyond most of the photos I had been saving. So I got rid of those and the ones that remained I slipped into plastic sleeves so they don't keep getting bent up and wrinkled. 

You can purchase these sleeves in bulk at a large warehouse store like Costco and save a lot of money. Besides, keeping these on hand is a great idea. They hold a ton of things including those little product brochures and paint samples that I like to pick up at the home improvement centers.

Now, doesn't that look nicer than a messy file?


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