Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fruitless Fall

I really don't know how to condense all the wonderful information I've gleaned from Rowan Jacobson's book Fruitless Fall into one blog post. And just so you know right off the bat, we're talking bees here; colony collapse disorder (CCD) and the bees themselves. I've learned more from Jacobson's book than I have from classes and the internet combined!

Fruitless Fall actually reads more like a mystery novel than a science book, so it's easy to take in all the facts. I guess it helps that I'm interested in the subject, but each chapter has you on the edge of your seat like a regular "who done it" thriller. The only negative thing I can say is that Jacobson is clearly an evolutionist (which I'm not - no surprise there) and I find it highly ironic that he details the life of a bee in such depth that only a hands-on Creator could have designed such a magnificent insect; he glosses right over that and talks about the evolution of the bee (John 12:37-40). But if you are confident in your Biblical Worldview, I highly recommend this book.

Reading Fruitless Fall will give you a detailed look into the life of a bee that even most 'how-to' books skim over. That alone would make this worth the read. But add to it the carefully researched look into the demise of bees as a result of CCD and you'll gain a better grasp of what bees are up against in order to survive. It's truly amazing that they still exist! Even more amazing are the parallel's Jacobson draws between the life of bees and that of humans in relation to the food they consume. 

So, I know you're on the edge of your seat wondering what actually causes the dreaded CCD in bees. Should I really tell? I hate to spoil it for you. Okay, here's what I'll do. You get the book and read it, which you can get from your local library or purchase a copy by clicking my link or from my right side bar under "Books I ♥" (thank you very much!), and I'll slowly trickle out information here at Homestead Revival™. Really, I don't want to spoil a good thriller for you and there is so much to say on this issue, one post would be way too long. It's still cold outside and a great time for a good book! And for those who are not intending to become beekeepers, you need to read this, too! It's an excellent book for everyone who enjoys food of any kind, because bees are part of the work force that bring you those tasty almonds. And you won't believe what's going on! Think of this as the "sweet" food version of Food, Inc.

What do you think causes Colony Collapse Disorder? Have you read Fruitless Fall?


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