Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kitten Vaccinations and Deworming

I'm busy, busy, busy! We have three new kittens and a new puppy this week. I only meant to bring home two kittens, but there were only three in the litter and they were so cute! How could I leave one behind? How could I resist?  And to repeat myself... I'm busy.

So, meet the new hunting crew...

The shy one... but mischievous. 
I hunted 3 hours for this one on Sunday!

The nervous one... protests a lot, 
but all hiss and no bite!

The sweet one. Poor kitty.She's got some eye issue, 
but is being treated and it should get better in about 3 days.

More names are needed. I think we have two girls and a boy, but looking again tonight, I wasn't so sure. All that fuzzy hair and squirming as I try to look makes it a bit more difficult to tell (they're a bit skittish right now). Most popular names among my girls are Piper, Poppy, and Pixie. Or perhaps Izzy, Ivy, and Itsy (none of those sound like a boy kitty).  Maybe, Lebeau, Memieux, and Mewsette. So many choices!

Growing up, my uncle was a vet, and so giving our own vaccinations was a regular, annual event. He usually sent us home with what we needed and Dad administered the vaccine. No big deal and very convenient.

Now that I have three, the cost would be overwhelming (weren't these FREE kittens? Ah, yes. They are never really free.). So I need to give them vaccinations and deworm them myself. So this afternoon I spent some time going over several different websites to assess what is needed and when. Each article varied, however, I finally came up with what seemed to be a generally accepted schedule.

To make it easier for me, I created a Kitten and Cat Vaccination Record which you can download for free from the tab at the top (a puppy record is to follow soon, I hope!). Hopefully, it will help keep us all straight!


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