Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Magazine Makeover

It almost always happens... I get in an organizing mood and then it morphs into a decorating mood. And since I'm hunkering down at the Homestead trying to get a bunch of projects done, I thought a couple of reprinted posts from my old blog would be in keeping with what I'm up to these days (when I'm not being a taxi driver or pulling weeds!)

I've always loved that show on HGTV where they take a designer room and remake it for a fraction of the cost. What a great way to get a professional to do your decorating for you! Well, I kind of did the same thing in my master bedroom. I knew what kind of look I wanted, but pulling it together was elusive; until I found a picture in a magazine that gave me direction and ideas. It was perfect!

In December of 2006, I picked up a copy of Cottage Living (sadly it is no longer being published), and opened it up to find the bedroom of my dreams. The key element that I was trying to work around was my black pencil post bed! I had wanted to repaint this, but my husband loved it black. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to find a design that pleased both of us! 

Where the inspiration room had side by side double hung windows, I had french doors in an alcove.  I also had a little extra room on the side of the bed with an additional window. My goal was to recreate the bedroom as close as possible, but making it my own at the same time. For example, in the magazine the walls are a soft blue, but mine are a soft green. I did not want to repaint my room since it was fairly new paint and it matched my bathroom, but because the photo in the magazine looks green, I felt it was good enough. 

Here are a couple of shots of my own room...

Sorry that I don't have a wide angle lens and a professional camera to get a shot with better lighting, but I think you'll get the idea. I've made changes to incorporate the linens I was able to find as well as some antique watercolors that my Dad gave me.

I didn't make the toile printed cover for the headboard although I have the fabric because it would be covered up by my large hopsack European shams. I've also made substitutions for things that I couldn't find after a lengthy hunt. And as much as I love the crystal chandelier, my husband loves a ceiling fan and I must admit that around July I am very glad we have one! This was a compromise of love.

I removed the traditional standard door to our master bathroom and replaced it with a single french door and added shears for privacy. I reused the old door upstairs when we started remodeling up there. I love this new look!

What's great about a magazine makeover is that with the plan you can shop without being sidetracked into purchasing something that won't fit the scheme. You can stay on target. And if you are a patient person, you can wait and shop for sales, purchasing just what you need at discounted prices. It took me about two years of waiting for sales, saving money, and searching for just the right items. And I'm still not quite finished. This fall I hope to add the bead board on the ceiling and complete the wall opposite of the bed with a built in gas fireplace and book cases with french doors. 

To find your own frugal chic look, start making a tear file of ideas for a project at your own homestead or cottage (I keep a file for each room or project I plan to work on). No need to save the entire magazine, just the photo you need with the necessary shopping information. Tear out anything that gives you ideas or inspiration. Even if it is just one item in the photo. You may wish to circle it or add a note. Sometimes I just tear out a picture because I love the look. Who knows...someday...


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