Friday, April 29, 2011

Prayer For The Lee Family

A Homestead Revival™ reader has just informed me that the Lee family mentioned in my post yesterday is the very same Sherry of A Baker's Dozen Barnhouse. Many of you probably visited her during one of the last couple of Homestead Barn Hops. 

Easter Sunday, Sherry and her beloved husband Tom, took this last picture together. He is now safely in the arms of Jesus for all eternity. 

Their beautiful home is no more, but thankfully all 13 children are alive although they suffered some injuries. I do not believe any injuries are life threatening. Please keep them in prayer, as I know you will, for comfort, peace, and provisions in the days ahead. 

If you would like to give in a tangible way, you may give a donation at Providence Church's Tornado Relief Efforts

We love you, Sherry! Hoping you feel our hugs and prayers!


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