Thursday, April 28, 2011

Prayers For Families Hit By Tornado

I've lived in tornado alley and in earthquake country, and I'm here to say, a tornado is much scarier than an earthquake as long as your not in a downtown high rise when it happens. You see, an earthquake happens and by the time you realize it's an earthquake, it's almost over. But a tornado... you know it's coming, they last longer, and they just seem so unpredictable (not that an earthquake is!). 

Anyway, I have some idea what yesterday was like for many families living in the southeast. (And while we lost a home to a fire as a child, I never lost one to a tornado.) The last tornado I was in, for over a month, I would wake at the slightest sound thinking it was another tornado. I was jumpy and fearful. And a grown adult! Can you imagine what these precious children are going through? 

The Crawford Family

With so many hit by the tornados, it's hard to fathom how to help. But let me make it a bit more personal. If you read Raising Homemakers, you may know Kelly Crawford who is a contributor there. Her family is safe and well, but today they have no home. You can read about their experience and needs at Raising Homemakers or at A Wise Woman Builds Her Home where you'll find additional links and a video, including the story of the Lee family who lost their husband and father.  

Lord, we are truly thankful for Your mercies despite what appears to be a great tragedy from our human perspective. Grant these families and others your grace and courage to face the days ahead while glorifying You! Help us to be Your hands and feet during this time of trial for our brothers and sisters in Christ and for those who do not yet call You Lord. Use this to bring them into the fold.


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