Sunday, April 24, 2011

Winner: Homemade Living - The Series!

Wow! I can't tell you how excited I was to see so many entries for the Homemade Living Series by Ashley English! Thank you to everyone who took the time to Tweet, Blog, or Facebook about the give-away and share the information despite the fact that it created greater odds. It's important to let others know that these resources are out there and cultivate the homesteading community. If only I had about 400 of these sets to share! 

Many of you stated that your library has secured copies of these books and I couldn't be happier! Often I will check a book out this way and if it's worth the investment, then I will find a way to purchase it in time. And I think you'll find these four books fit that bill well. When you are ready to purchase, remember that when you go through the Homestead Revival™ bookstore (see tab at top "BOOKS"), the small commission I earn helps keep this blog up and running! In fact, any purchase you make of any kind through my advertisers help tremendously. Thank you for helping out!

But the winner... I know you're wanting me to get to the chase and tell you who won. As always, I use Random.org to select the winner and I did so right after 4:00 pm. PST on Saturday and visited this lovely lady's blog to "meet" her. And I think you'll agree, that she is very deserving of such a wonderful gift... her plate is very full by giving to some children who were very in need of love. Please take a moment to stop by and see her as well. 


Dolisa @ Flying Pig Mama!

For those interested in reading a short interview with Ashley English, you can do so at Lark  CraftsWe do  hope there will be more books! Perhaps one on soap making or gardening or goats... the list is endless! 

And to Sterling Publishing and Lark Crafts for hosting this fabulous give-away - a big THANK YOU


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