Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Give Away: GNOWFGLINS™ Lacto Fermentation eCourse!

I'm going to be really bold here and make a huge statement...

EVERYONE should learn to ferment foods. 

"Why on earth", you ask?

First, the health benefits are wonderful. Lacto fermented foods increase the beneficial organisms in your body while feeding you at the same time!

"Traditionally fermented foods contain vitamins, enzymes, and active cultures — 
conveying benefits to your gut, your immune system, and your digestion." 
~ Wardeh Harmon, GNOWFGLINS™

Purchasing fermented foods at the grocery store isn't always a good choice because often they contain nitrates or they've been cooked until they're no longer a living food. And if you try to acquire the same benefits of fermented foods from supplements, it will cost you a lot more money and you have to trust that the manufacturer is being honest and using quality ingredients. Besides, I have my doubts that anything in a pill can deliver the same benefits as a living food God designed for you to consume.

Second, fermentation is a wonderful way to preserve foods. Years ago, people fermented foods and kept them in root cellars or caves in order to keep the food fresh for long periods of time. If you've ever thought about going off-grid (or "off off-grid") or perhaps you intend to build a root cellar (maybe you already are blessed with one!), then learning to ferment takes you one step closer to becoming independent from commercial producers and grocers. And that's a good thing!

Fermentation is a natural process that everyone can do. We just have to learn what we've lost and recover those skills. And I can't think of an easier way than with a video eCourse. I can testify from personal experience, Wardeh's classes are the best. Even better than in person because you can replay the video over and over until you "get it", ask questions in the forum, and refer to your notes again and again, all while you're walking through the steps in your own kitchen. And the basic course is only $8/mo! Where are you going to find a deal like that? (Typically one lesson is released each week). 

I'm signed up. Who's going to join me?

Enter To Win!

Wardeh is offering one Homestead Revival™ reader a free 6 month Basic Subscription to her GNOWFGLINS™ eCourse!! Friends, this is a wonderful opportunity allowing you to complete the entire Lacto Fermentation eCourse during that time period. All you must do is purchase your supplies and ingredients.

1. Click HERE and find out more information about the eCourse. There's even a short video clip to give you an idea of what a class is like. Come back here and tell me why you think it would be important to learn to ferment foods OR what you hope to learn in the eCourse. (Please be sure to leave your email address if you do not have a blog so that I can contact you should you be our winner!)

2. To enter a second time, blog, FB, or Tweet about this give-away and include a link back to this page. Be sure to leave a second comment telling me you've done so.

This Give Away ends Saturday at 5:00 p.m. PST.


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