Saturday, June 4, 2011

Preparedness Challenge #11

My favorite kind of preparedness is the kind that's a lifestyle change or better yet, a sustainable living kind of change. And I took a step in that direction this week when I purchased some seeds and a couple of plants to start a medicinal herb garden for our family. 

I've been thinking of this space next to our house near the driveway for a while. Although I've put a few perennials in there, I decided a long time ago it would be perfect for herbs. But it didn't occur to me to include medicinal herbs until recently. 

The girls and I have been cleaning out the weeds and grass that sprouted with all the rain this spring. And with the exception of a little bit remaining, I think it's ready to plant.

Many herbs can be a bit invasive or prolific when re-seeding, so I'm hoping that the seeds will self sow in the same area rather than drifting all over creation. But, I'm willing to take the chance because I figure it can't grow much without water and this area is on a drip system while everything outside of it is not. 

I suspect the area will look a bit wild and that's okay. I'll know what's growing in there and what's safe to use. Of course, I'll still need to supplement my "medicine chest" with some more native plants from the mountainside such as nettle, dandelion, and other plants, but I have quite an assortment to cultivate in this particular space (at least to start out with!):

Echinacea - two varieties
Chamomile, German
Peppermint, two varieties
St. John's Wort

I'm may throw in some culinary herbs as well or find another space for them:

Rosemary (I have a lot already)

Several of the unusual medicinal plant seeds I purchased came from Mountain Rose Herbs. They have an outstanding assortment of seeds that you won't find anywhere else and for exactly this purpose! They have plenty of other great herbal products so be sure to visit their site.

Mountain Rose Herbs. A Herbs, Health & Harmony Com

Also this week, I received an order for some bulk herbs I purchased a couple of weeks ago which should last me for a while. I find that it's much cheaper to buy herbs by the pound or in bulk and refill my spice bottles rather than buy new bottles each and every time. Mountain Rose Herbs is a good source for that as well as Bulk Herb Store and Frontier. All three are excellent companies that have some similar and some different products. I like to use all three!

All-natural and organic echinacea from frontiercoop.com

Now it's your turn to share how you prepared this week! Write a blog post and link up or leave a comment below. No rules other than staying on the topic of preparedness and tell one thing you did this week to be better prepared!

As an affiliate for Mountain Rose Herbs and Bulk Herb Store, I receive a commission from any items purchased when clicking a link on this blog page. Please know that I try to select only affiliates and advertisers of great quality and service. Thank you for your purchase!


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