Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Give Away: Shelf Reliance & THRIVE!

If I'm going to do some major food storage, I want to know that what I'm storing tastes good. And even better, it's healthy! Anytime the body is under stress, good nutrition is extremely important, but most easy to prepare foods require a lot of preservatives or packaging techniques that make them less than desirable. 


Packaged by Shelf Reliance, THRIVE products are flash frozen and then vacuumed sealed by removing 98 percent of the moisture using vaporizing ice and sealed in oxygen proof cans to ensure freshness. These three steps keep most foods shelf stable for 5, 10, and even 20 years depending on the product and 6 - 18 months once opened. 

With over 100 products, one could prepare any number of meal combinations to add variety to the table. And if you need help, there's even a THRIVE cookbook coming out soon for using the products. Most products can be used directly out of the can, eliminating steps such as chopping vegetables or browning meat, which would be great if a real disaster occurred and the bulk of your time needed to be spent doing something other than preparing meals. 

Food Categories include:
• grains
• veggies
• fruits
• dairy
• meat and beans
• basics (such as sugar, salt, etc.)
• entrees 

I had a chance to sample some berries from my friend, Shelf Reliance Consultant, and Homestead Revival™ reader, Tanya Williams, and I was very impressed! I had no idea they could make something freeze dried taste so good! And because they taste good, when it's time to open up the can and use it in my daily food preparation, my family won't feel like they're eating cardboard!

Tanya is kindly offering Homestead Revival™ Readers a chance to win a three pack she has put together including chopped onions, blackberries, and sliced peaches, so you can become familiar with the THRIVE products!

Enter The Give Away!

1. Visit Tanya's Shelf Reliance page and check out the many great products they offer. Come back and let Tanya and I know your favorite item and what you would use it for. Be sure to check out their Food Rotation Systems and Emergency Preparedness section as well! Please leave an email address if you do not have a blog!

2. Enter again by going to Tanya's Facebook page and "Like" her! You'll be able to keep up with great ideas, specials, and other news this way. Be sure to come back and let me know by adding another comment.

3. Blog, FB, or tweet about this give-away and leave a comment to enter a third time!

* Be sure that you you shop through Tanya's page because items are discounted there! If you go directly to the Shelf Reliance site without going through Tanya, you'll pay full price.  The give-away will end Saturday, June 25, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. PST.


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