Friday, August 12, 2011

Morro Bay

We're home from our camping trip to the beach. Beautiful sites to please the eye. But not a lot of sun. Notice the jackets everyone is wearing? This is the California coast in summer time. Marine layer in the morning and if you're fortunate, a little sunshine in the afternoon before the fog and clouds creep back in. And that Pacific water? Chilly isn't quite the word. Try cold! But then again, we knew this when we planned our trip. 

Other highlights of our trip included some antiquing, a few quilt shops, a local zoo, a hometown aquarium, buying clams on the pier and making my first TRUE clam chowder, golf for my husband, and of course, walking the beach and kayaking. I actually packed my sourdough starter and made sourdough pancakes! I wanted my starter to visit another climate and acquire some different goodies from the air there.

Next camping trip? Near the head of the Kern River in the Sequoia Mountains. And we'll be roughing it; more so than on this trip. But it should be fun. I plan to break out the dutch ovens for some good food!

Where are you camping this summer?


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