Friday, August 19, 2011

You Know You're a Farmgirl When...

• your alarm clock is the rooster crowing at 5 a.m.

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• the family vacation is planned around the garden schedule and when you plan to butcher the next batch of chickens.

• your husband asks what you want for your birthday and you get a dreamy look in your eyes as you tell him, "An addition to the chicken coop would be divine!"

• your definition of "laying out in the sun" is a reference to solar dehydrating.

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• the conversations with your girlfriends center around the latest fashions in aprons, the newest composting article in Mother Earth News, and what's going on with your kids (the four legged variety)!

• it's 9 o'clock in the morning and you're still in your pajamas weeding in the garden.

• your recipe box includes feed mixes for your animals.

• the family regularly opens the refrigerator to find leftover seed packets next to the homemade goat cheese.

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• finding good canning jars at a garage sale is a huge score! 

• "discretionary spending" means you had a little extra money at the end of the month for additional fencing material.

• somethings always fermenting in the kitchen.

• the children pray for one of the animals at every meal.

• the energy saving dryer in your home is a clothesline.

• you plan your wardrobe to match your muck boots. 

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• at least 5 pair of work gloves can be found stuffed in various locations around the homestead

• your other vehicle is a pick up truck (or it's used like one!).

• staying up late is anything after 9 o'clock.

• a hot date in town is dinner at 5 and then heading over to the hardware store to walk the isles together.

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• your idea of a romantic evening is sitting on the front porch, looking out over your homestead, staring up at the stars, while holding your sweetheart's hand.

• evening prayers are always filled grateful thanks because you know for certain the Lord provided it all.

• at night, you dream of tractors, baby goats, and bumper crops!

So, how did you know when you were a farm girl?

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