Saturday, August 6, 2011

Preparedness Challenge #20

Today is our 20TH WEEK of the Preparedness Challenge! Can you believe it? How many of you feel like you're more prepared than before... that you're making great strides (or at least baby steps) in pulling together items you need, learning new skills, or becoming more sustainable?

For myself, I've learned to work on preparedness on a regular basis instead of just a couple of times a year. It's actually becoming part of our lifestyle.

This week I purchased a perculator for my dear husband so that as long as he has coffee grounds and water, he can have his morning java. And I added a couple more cast iron dutch ovens to our griddle and skillet purchase. Since we're camping twice this month and didn't need to purchase other gear, I figured this was our "vacation investment" that will work for preparedness as well. Next I need to plan a location for an outdoor fire pit - just in case! But I'm also thinking a summer kitchen set up might be nice.

I started looking into rainwater catchment, or rainwater harvesting as it is called in some places, with the plans to start with the chicken coop and getting them set up so that they are entirely self sufficient with their own water if necessary. This won't be done anytime this month, but like I said, I'm researching and thinking. My first step was to download my state water regulations. Guess that'll be my reading material on the camping trip!

Oh, and did I mention I'm getting a goat! Yeah, I think I did. Thanks everyone for the kind encouragement and well wishes.

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