Thursday, November 3, 2011

Seed Saving Tips

Marjory Wildcraft of Backyard Food Production and Farmer John of Sustainable Seeds give some good tips for saving seeds in this 4 minute clip...

You can freeze seeds, but for the average gardener, the refrigerator will do nicely. I've stored seeds in the garage on occasion, which is fine in cooler weather, but the kiss of death to the little things if left when temperatures warm up a bit! So indoors makes more sense.

Most seed companies release their catalogs each January, so in order be "first in line", start contacting them now to get on their 2012 mailing lists. Be sure to place your orders early so as to get the seeds you really want. I've waited, only to be disappointed to find out some particular company was sold out of the seed I had hoped to acquire and grow.

Next year, I'll be concentrating on varieties for short season growing. The summer just isn't long enough up on my mountain for 90-day crops that require heat to do well.

What will you be focusing on for your 2012 seed selections?


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