Friday, January 6, 2012

Compost Tea

Compost and its by-product "compost tea" are like black gold to gardeners. However, most systems I've seen for making tea would take a lot of "gold" to purchase!

Not so with the system that Marjory Wildcraft of Backyard Food Production reported on recently. While traveling in the North West, she met Peter Paul who gave her a tour of his worm composting and tea brewing system that would be fairly reasonable for most gardeners. Especially when you compare costs for purchasing similar nutrients directly from a nursery or garden center. 

I have a small worm bin that is going really well, but I think I'm now in the market for a LARGE, used trough like Peter's. If someone could just come up with a better way to sort through all those worms when it's time to harvest the castings!

Do you use compost tea or raise your own worms? What has your experience been like? Was it worth the work sorting through the little critters to use the castings?


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