Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Recipes for "Plan To Eat"

Several of you have asked how the Plan To Eat site works in comparison to other menu planning programs. Others have wondered how they could figure it out since they're already short on time. I know that the first time I tried this plan, I really didn't find out what it could do and for almost 6 months, I missed out on using this great program. Knowing how to add a recipe EASILY is one of my favorite features and key to planning your menus which will dramatically enhance your use of the Plan To Eat program.

More and more I find that the recipes I cook from come off some blog or website I've found. Importing them into your Plan To Eat recipe book is easy, and it can be done 4 different ways.

Demonstrating the first two ways to import, Julie at Busy Mom Blog's You Tube Channel, has a couple of short videos that help explain the best or most preferred methods. This first video tells how to use the program to import them directly by using the bookmarklet right off the site.

This second video shows you how to cut and paste quickly and easily while still using the bookmarklet (and how to find a recipe for something you know is on sale). I can see this feature working nicely when the garden is producing an over abundance of something like zucchini or eggplant! Imagine finding all those ideas and importing them into your recipe box. You can even mark each recipe for the main ingredient or tag it so that next time around, you can just click "zucchini" and find all your recipes where this ingredient is used! (I'm in serious "like" mode here!)

There is a third way to import recipes, which Julie has not yet covered in a video, and it is just as easy to use; I've done it several times. When you find a recipe on line that you like and the other two methods haven't worked for some reason, just copy the URL from that page, go to your Plan To Eat Recipe Book and click "add a recipe". Right near the top you'll see a search bar that says "Search The Web"; just paste the URL into that box and hit return.

Once you hit return, check the recipe for anything that you might want to add or correct and then just save it as you normally would. All three of these methods typically import the photo as well. (I like photos!)

Finally, you can type a recipe in the old fashion way filling in each box. This is the method you would have to use to add recipes from your recipe box at home, family favorites, a recipe passed along by a friend, or something out of a magazine. You can add you're own photo as well as notes and share it with others.

Although Plan To Eat is not a "recipe" site where you'll find a lot of ideas for things to cook, the more friends that join and make their recipes public, the more recipes you actually have access to. (Making them public means that only their friends on the Plan To Eat site can see them, while a private recipe means only the person who posted the recipe can see it.)

I hope this helps answer some of your questions. I really encourage you to stop by Busy Mom Blogs to see some more of her videos on different parts of the Plan To Eat site. And thanks to Julie for all the time she spent putting these together!

I'm feeling a bit more... organized!!

Is there a website where you find a lot of great recipes? Share the link in the comments below!

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