Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Give Away: Campfire Cooker

We're starting off the year with another great give-away from Forgotten Way Farm! And I'm really excited about this product. If you've ever tried cooking on an open campfire, you'll appreciate this Campfire Cooker.

Daniel and Abby Jo explain how the "Grampa Jakes" Campfire Cooker works...

"This is a heavy-duty campfire cooker, handcrafted on a mountain in North Idaho. Made to move up and down at 360 degrees in any direction for easy movement, serving, and temperature control. This wonderful Campfire Cooker comes with two hand held "campfire remotes". These remotes move the grates, arms, and hooks where you need them just so you never touch anything HOT. "Remotes" make it so easy to move your pots and pans off the fire for stirring and serving. This ingenious tool makes campfire cooking simply enjoyable."

I can imagine just how easy, too! Seems like when I'm cooking over an open flame, there's never a place to set hot pots and such other than the dirt. And it would allow you to make the most of a campfire since you can take advantage of the heat that rises. Items that don't need to be right in the coals, but just need to be gently warmed could be set up high, while items needing intense heat could be down lower. (You can read even more about this item, how it works, and see extra pictures at Forgotten Way Blog).

Enter The Give-Away

• Visit Forgotten Way Farm and find out more about the "Grandpa Jakes" Campfire Cooker. I'm thinking this would be an excellent item to have for emergency cooking! But how would you use it? Come back here and leave a comment telling me your thoughts on this handy tool. Be sure to leave an email address if you do not have a blog.

• Want to be entered a second time? Follow Daniel and Abby Jo on their blog, Forgotten Way, and then come back here and let me know that you've done so.

This give-away ends Friday, January 6, 2012 at 11:59 p.m.


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