Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fundamentals Cooking eCourse

You may recall that I mentioned I signed up for an on-line cooking course recently. I'm always wanting to learn more and while this course is a "fundamental" or basic course, don't let that fool you. While the skills should be easy to learn (Wardeh assures us it will be so!), it promises to be full of great lessons and tips for preparing foods much like our ancestors prepared them only a generation or two ago. This is the key element or philosophy of the course; to learn things like fermenting foods, making sour dough bread, and kefirs, just to name a few. 

Photo: Courtesy of GNOWFGLINS™

Want to know more? Click the link above (or in the right side bar) for "Simple Plan • Healthy Food" and visit the GNOWFGLINS™ website for more information. There you will be able to meet Wardeh Harmon, the creator of this course, see a video explaining her philosophy behind food preparation, and a list of each class. Registration ends February 22nd, so don't let the grass grow under your feet! Get on over there now and check it out!

Hope to see you in the class!


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