Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Twister #1

Wardeh, at GNOWFGLINS™ is having her weekly Tuesday Twister where everyone shares what they have been doing in their kitchen for the past week. I'm actually going to post about the last two weeks, because I did a couple of things during that time period that were real leaps for me in terms of cooking new things.

First, I had purchased some raw milk on Saturday morning and as always, I put it in an ice chest in the back of my car while I ran a few more errands. I had no ice in it, but since I wasn't going to be out long, I really didn't worry about it. 

Later that day, about six in the evening, I got to thinking about where the milk was since I didn't see it in the refrigerator. I had asked the girls to help unload the car, but had failed to mention not to forget the milk! Sure enough, I found it in the back of my car in the ice chest, completely room temperature. Frustrated, I took it in the house and got ready to pour it down the sink.

Suddenly, it occurred to me that I should put it in the fridge and do some online investigating to see if anything could be done to save it for some kind of use. (My mind was hoping for yogurt, since you heat yogurt anyway.) Keep in mind this is raw milk, neither homogenized nor pasteurized. 

After reading a bit and a quick email to verify my thinking, I felt confident that I was on the right track. In the "old days" raw milk was allowed to sit out and sour. This was often called Sour Milk or Clabbered Milk, but it was actually left out longer than 12 hours. How far we've come in such a short time! Now we think milk that has been left out is a danger and threat! And I confess, I was a bit leery. I had never done such a thing.

Anyway, I proceeded to make the yogurt overnight in my dehydrator. The next morning, my brave husband took the first taste and approved. Anxiously, I gave it a try as well and was very pleased with the resulting product. But I confess, I waited another day to serve it to my children because I wanted to see if he or I got sick from eating it! Eventually, we ate the entire container of yogurt and everyone loved it. And we are all still alive to prove that it is safe to consume room temperature raw milk if your original source is good. We must talk more about raw milk soon!

Second, I boiled a chicken. Okay, stop laughing! Yes, I've boiled a chicken before, but not like this...  Following the directions in Nourishing Traditions, I added vegetables, apple cider vinegar, and water, to a whole chicken with the wings and neck chopped up. This was then boiled and simmered for over 6 hours. Yep. A long time. It could have gone longer, but I needed it for dinner. 

The resulting product was unbelievable! I had chosen to do this because two people had a head cold in our family and needed the nutrients and vitamins from the chicken stock. It was amazing how the bones started to break down and add to the broth (I wonder what it would have been like if it had gone longer?). This was not gross like it sounds, but it was rich and delicious. You'd probably have to try it to believe me. 

Just curious, but what went down in your kitchen this week?


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